Thursday, April 28, 2011

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The football has its rewards

After the blow suffered in the Cup, the club has become the road to glory with a more than likely go to the Champions League Final. It has also been at Real Madrid in a game in which the expulsion by order of goals from Pepe and Leo Messi in the last quarter of an hour was more than decisive. A meeting was hampered, full of fouls and cards, three ejections which two men who were on the bench, and, above all, more than ever Messi magic. Partidazo of Argentina who has managed to beat Casillas up twice.
The previous two Classic began with a lot of fouls in the opening minutes, this time started with good football by Barca and sometimes by both sides. Neither took too long to arrive refereeing errors. Five minutes later, Stark should have shown Ramos card to stop Barca with a chance of hands, the most commonly used. Real Madrid continued to make a game more or less attractive ... five minutes. The first clear chance of the match after David Villa had a solo run but his shot was slightly deflected. Barça clearly dominated in most of the field while the odd player from Madrid was beginning to annoy him and the public. The party was beginning to heat up, but no one expected what eventually happened. In fact the last ten minutes have had everything. Began with a lack of Arbeloa on Peter in midfield without the ball in play and ended with a masterful double intervention of Victor Valdes to two shots of Christian and Özil.
After the beep of the school, two stools got together and started a fight similar to the first round match. This fight was kept Chendo and Pinto with substitute goalkeeper sent off.
The second half began with a good chance of Messi. In less than ten minutes, the match turned around somewhat expected especially Mourinho. Ramos was one of hers and I got to coach problems face to the second leg, which it lost. Soon after came the only removal of shock, awaited by all. Pepe cables started to get in touch, about to cross, and after an iron on Alves saw a straight red. At that time the game rekindled Mourinho automatically and saw the third red party. With ten, was unable to defend Madrid rush and Barça Blaugrana could play near the white area. Villa gave a little warning but Afellay output was crucial to create more danger yet. In 76, the Dutch took a solo run down the right flank, the cross and there appeared to beat Casillas Flea for the first time. The minutes passed, more was less, the KO was Madrid and Barca had to close the match and perhaps because the tie. And the best part of the game came at the end. An impressive work of art served to re Messi beat Casillas. Golazo to demonstrate who the best player in the world.
In six days the tie will be decided and finally know who will be the English representative at Wembley. The Nou Camp will host the fourth Classic of this great rally.

: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Puyol, Busquets, Keita, Xavi, Peter Afellay min.71 - Sergi Roberto Villa-min. 89 - and Messi.
CARDS: Yellow for Mascherano and Alves.
GOALS: 0-1 76 'Messi, 0-2 86' Messi.
STADIUM : Santiago Bernabeu.
"A team that has nine European Cups da never lost a match." Pep Guardiola.
"I have nothing to say about Mourinho." Pep Guardiola.
"The expulsion of Pepe is clear." Villa.
"The red is just, has returned to win the game." Xavi.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brown Discharge With Kidney Stones


Barcelona finished the marathon, I have my mind set on the ANETO. In these first weeks of preparation I'm noticing that my body is not accustomed to these Tutes mountaineers, as I have pains here and there. The ones I care about now are the sole left (notice all the stones) and the right heel, which decreases in both stomp complain.

From Onil mountain race I've done some workouts for mountain to get used to the body. These "first steps" have nothing to do with the coaches that I expect if I want to be prepared for the Aneto, but as I say are needed to make your body change. A body accustomed the asphalt, the plain, that when a small hill in a race and say it is hard, because that body is now has to adapt to stones, earrings, downs, ups and other ...

My workouts mountaineers from the April 10 race that I have really Onil:

04/16/2011 Nearly 16 km 1h 35 '

498 of slope +

19/04/2011 11.4 km in 1h 5 '

322 meters of altitude +

23/04/2011 11.2 in 1h 10 '

466 meters of altitude +

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Villa is reunited with the goal at a good time to lose again

World Champion steadily closer to the league title. Osasuna, Pep preferred to go out with a once plagued by low and had to end by giving minute Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. Thiago limbo and have made a good game and Mascherano still earns the title with another amazing great game on defense. Also Villa has broken his losing streak of eleven games without scoring.
From the first minute, Barça controlled the game in the attacking half to a good defense pinko. Ricardo was just work, Team Pep was not having his best game and that was demonstrated with the errors on each ball coming into the midfield. Jeffren not able to keep the ball on his feet when he stepped on the field. But all that changed on 23 minutes. The Venezuelan internal down the left flank and puts rasa for Villa, coming from behind, you only have to push for a goal. Over time both teams were corrected errors and the team was gaining a little excitement. Valdes had even work at the end of the first forty-five minutes and not to vary, it has done to perfection.
After the break, Jeffren stayed in the locker room now, the first blow. Yet the game did not change and continued to harass the target Osasuna Blaugrana. Yes, the show improved with the release of Leo Messi. But that did not make the problems disappear. Milito had to retire injured and rather than give minutes to Fontan, Santpedor chose to dispose of Xavi. With three fantastic on the pitch, the club enjoyed the better chances including a goal in the final stretch of the game. Alves incredible pass the hole and Messi ruling party under a beating by Ricardo. Besides Maxwell also finished the match played, has spent the last ten minutes with a limp.
Now, to think about the match at the Bernabeu.

: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Milito, Xavi min. 65 -, Maxwell, Thiago, Busquets, Keita, Iniesta Jeffren min. 46 -, Villa, Messi min. 59 - and Afellay.
CARDS: Yellow to Keita and Alves.
GOALS: 1-0 23 'Villa, 2-0 90' Messi.
STADIUM : Camp Nou. 73,285 spectators.
"accepted the role of favorite for the Champions Real Madrid." Pep Guardiola.

Friday, April 22, 2011

120-55 Queens Blvd Court Summons

Only time

That idiot when I dreamed of the moon and Egypt, with the sun and that beach soaking the face of pain at midnight, and a sigh in your favorite blouse, preventing tears fall more buttons when look at me with eyes formats last night.
And that silly imagining in each bar as the first time, smiling at any stranger with a beer and a cigarette flavored lipstick of those lips.

That idiot every time I told you not to come back anymore, and every time I came back and did not know what to say.
So silly you get used to sleeping on my shoulder, and l smell of your hair, and those dawn, and your criticism of my daily wardrobe, a smile . That idiot realize that if I got addicted to hear you breathing, watch you sleep, you feel close.
That idiot to not believe that you were going, it was the last time I saw your faded jeans giving me back pockets.
That idiot drowning in any gin, any dive in low light where you want to meet and can not be sure that tonight, I am safe from your smile .
evolves the fool asshole, and assholes in crazy in love.

And you with your mouth at any wine bar, giving kisses, losing his clothes ...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's A Partial Brazilian Wax


I woke while she was making coffee, and suddenly, I felt that stupid, that you all have seen.
wore the purple shirt that both he favors, and their newly awakened eyes were turned upside down my heart. In fact I always used to look with open eyes, but this morning left me a hug next to the doorknob, knowing that I cling to him like a straw.
and about that's all you choose is not what defines you, I say that I did not choose to fall in love with her, not even sought, only sped up in the moment I knew that this trip was destiny. I wanted a feeling that filled the soul of life, and guess what I found. I found a passion.
And I guess if I have a shameful passion I wonder what would be experienced if you could feel more passionate about something. Most people long for something so extraordinary, something so stimulating, and risk everything for that desire, something very few would leave everything, to break with everything you think it is therefore very strong and alienating to be with someone so full of life.
Too many ideas, things and people ... too many directions to take, I start to think why it is so important to get passionate about something, is that in this way is carved the world into a more affordable size.
She is the world we want to live forever.

And if Paris is waiting, let us try in the meantime, forget about the clock ...

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who else wants to play

The first is to congratulate Real Madrid for his eighteenth Copa del Rey and the next thing to say that Barca played better and perhaps more deserved the win. Have been 120 minutes of intense football on both defended their styles. The club has been able to touch the ball, especially after the break, while Real Madrid has been waiting to get out on the counter. In the end, a goal in the first period of extra time was crucial for the whole White could hold a title three years later.
The game, like Saturday, started very bronco. In the first ten minutes almost all the players left the ground shot down by an opponent not only Undiano Muniz took as soon as the cards. The first arrival of the party was for Real Madrid before he had to intervene Mascherano, very active on the defensive. Barca he'd play but in his own field, without opening holes in the wall of men dressed in white. With the passage of minutes the nerves increased and the occasional bout ended in failure. Other than that, Real Madrid had all the chances to score in the first half, but Pinto and the post saved the clearest.
The rest is not known what would you say Pep theirs but the mentality in the second forty-five minutes was very different. Peter was the first to warn about door Casillas with a shot from the peak area. And you could see the style of play called "Best team ever." Alves and, above all, Messi and began to act up around the white area. The possession was almost 80% for the club but failed to translate it that superiority on the scoreboard. Yet the weather improved the club and, while not up to the marker, Peter could make the first goal of the game. To continue with that sort of victory could be Blaugrana. But opposite was the porter who gave us the World Cup and would have to try to overcome it with more intensity. Casillas pulled them out of all parties and all those who tried. The two had Pedro clearer, with Vaseline, and Iniesta but none had the luck to beat the captain of Real Madrid and Red. Go to extra time played.
half hour of play to decide the Cup champion This may have been the club if the linesman was not mistaken in pointing out where Villa game was going to be alone with Casillas. It was time for the unbelievable, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, would demonstrate that they are made for playing time as needed. The Luso itself could prove and the best way, with a goal in 102 minutes of play. The 7 white was in the optimal site to head a ball hung by Di Maria but Pinto could intervene.
the last fifteen minutes, the Real Madrid defended his victory with nails, teeth and kicks. This time Mourinho did not mind staying with ten in the final if it was going to serve to stay in the club for another year. Messi appeared but this time whether to attend the red lead Peter and Di Maria.
Now we just have to say I am proud to be FC Barcelona, \u200b\u200bwhich within a week playing the first round of the rematch and that Força Barça .

: Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Adriano, Maxwell min. 118 -, Xavi, Busquets, Keita min. 107 -, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa-Afellay min. 105 - and Messi.
CARDS: Yellow to Pedro, Messi and Adriano.
GOALS: 0-1 102 'Cristiano Ronaldo. STADIUM
: Mestalla. 50,000 spectators.
"Now we have to get up." Pep Guardiola.
"We're not empty-handed." Sandro Rosell.
"The one who wanted to play football is Barça." Xavi.
"I'm sure we'll get up." Pique.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Draw flavored defeat. An insult to football

The league is practically in his pocket after seeing the game played by Real Madrid yesterday. Mourinho's team has barely played and has continued to play club. Have been locked behind as Inter last season and have looked for a possible against them. Furthermore, the arbitration proceedings has condemned the move away from Barca three points. For the sake of the game on Wednesday so I hope the referee as Mourinho's approach are much better.
The game started very locked, hard-fought in midfield with the ball at the feet of the players Barça and a lack per minute. The struggle that was being in the middle of the field is shown with the first card of the game, Adriano, before the expiration of ten minutes. We must also say that if it becomes another referee would not have left the yellow pocket. The minutes passed, the club he'd play in midfield looking for gaps to be able to give some excitement to the game and Real Madrid continued to yours, with eleven players in their own field. The only ones who yesterday could do something about the reluctance of white set were Iniesta and Messi who took a perfect jugadón ended with an attempt by the Argentine petroleum jelly. Perhaps in that moment he realized that Mou one of these could be the game and decided that his players would attack a bit. On the odd occasion came against Real Madrid but all were thwarted by the defense culé and Victor Valdes. And the worst thing the first time was at hand, never better. Villa went into the area, was left alone with Casillas, the goalkeeper touched just enough to leave the ground. Clear penalty which resulted in a yellow card for protesting Pique. At that time began to show more clearly Muñiz problems. It was the time of Madrid, the only time clearly had to open the scoring. The party was crazy and could take the premises. But perhaps the best chance from the previous minutes was Leo Messi in their boots after a career that includes two walls. I can not forget the way we ended the first half, with Adriano getting the ball on the goal line.
For the good of football the second half had to be very different. Fortunately yes it was but lacked the intensity and excitement of a classic. Like the first time, the second also started a bit stuck with two failures that may have different consequences. First Christian sent a ball into the wood and on the next play Villa was shot down by Albiol. The Valencian clearly grabbed the neck to Villa until he send it to soil. From the spot, of course, Leo Messi missed his appointment with the goal. But when things started to go more or less everything is twisted very badly. Puyol, who returned three months after injury, had to retire injured on stretchers. Without the captain, Busquets had to delay his position to leave yours Keita. But the face of adversity the club continued with his game and Xavi could extend the gap with a shot that ended up repelling wood. The party began to gain a minimum of intensity at any time either team could make a goal. Real had several while Barca, for the umpteenth time, he failed to end the game. That was the equipment failure Guardiola which saw the final ten a maximum sentence ended in a draw. The penalty leaves considerable doubt even think that the referee also did not dare to teach the second card to Alves. From the penalty spot to level the match Cristiano Ronaldo. And if the goal woke the Madrid FC Barcelona, \u200b\u200bin this case was the opposite. In the last five minutes the club had three clear chances they did do their best to Casillas. Finally
a tie that tastes defeat.

: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Keita min. 58 - Adriano, Maxwell min. 80 -; Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi, Peter Afellay min. 66 -, Messi and Villa.
CARDS: Yellow for Valdes, Alves, Piqué, Xavi and Adriano.
GOALS: 0-1 53 'Messi, 1-1 82' Cristiano Ronaldo. STADIUM
: Santiago Bernabeu. 79,500 spectators.
"Although we are not champions." Pep Guardiola.
"Real did not want to play, only to blow from a ball long." Xavi.
"The referee has hurt the conscience because it was not penalty." Alves.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pokemon Daw Pregnant Lucas

Life in Shadows: cinema and passion

Film is a passion. Uploaded
myth too many times, and praised to excess by those who love Him.
I have cared to call this blog " Film is my passion, for that consistency with the other blog I have, but precisely this myth and passion were what I decided to choose the name-that brief encounter - he now has.

Film is a passion. And as good
passion, understood only by those who share it.
In this case, is an advantage, that many of us are crazy to be drawn into the mystery of a dark room, that we are fascinated with the false light of the fourth wall, we have lived too, although it was a lie-in a cinema and we have not cast it to the core.

But I say that we are not alone.
And a good example, a good story to begin once the videos from this blog and to say goodbye until after Easter, is the story of "Life in Shadows ," the story of Lorenzo Llobet Gracia .

"Life in Shadow", filmed in 1949, never failed to be released commercially, for various problems of censorship and production, and its director, Llobet Gracia, was unable to retake any other tape, so it is rightly considered one of the bloody English film directors.
The copy is retained in the restoration of a negative found decades later, allowing subsequent Release and finally find your unique place in the world: a screening room.

The film is superb.
Pure love of cinema. Film within a film.
Starring Fernando Fernan Gomez , has a peculiar life cycle mode of Carlos, a cameraman who was born early this century in a shack where he is raising awareness of the cinema (the cinema was born, he was born) and how this fact, the passion for telling stories with a camera-mark the rest of his life.

today I wanted to bring the beginning of the film, the first seven minutes clearly outlining the love of cinema that so many have.
is a delight for the senses.
Sound is not the best but is enjoyed without a second thought.
I leave you with it:

Indeed, the only thing you feel when you see these minutes, is keen to continue the story. To see that Carlos evolve as a child going to see movies of adventures, the more love Carlos cinema and affected by life ...

Anyway I do like to dwell on small details (this home is full of potential analysis) that arise at the beginning of the narrative.

first thing that strikes me is the game Fact / Fiction established from the second one.
first thing we see is the representation (parents of Charles) upside down, giving us a double and maybe triple reading: On the one hand underlines the fact that we are seeing a picture (this is how it is collected the image in a dark room), on the other side tells us it's a lie what you're seeing (not real life, is sieved through a machine) but also indicates that the film consists of photographs, and that the all-film background, life, reality, photography, fiction, lie, are mixed in the same thing.

I do not want to say anything, but not until the end of the movie when the plane copper-then yes, its true meaning.

To affect this that story, then see the photographer (the cause of the device) and the couple, this time because his back.

Another important moment is when a house earn zoetrope. That
us perfectly situated in a historical context determined: the birth of cinema.
Equally curious how the picture was the first to show up (remember that was the birth of photography essential springboard for the film could be developed) and then appeared the same.

The climax of the opening sequence takes place within the so called "the French barracks, where in principle show a fairly accurate way what should be the projections then with the crowded environment, the smoke, the expectation, the owner of the cabin discussing what is ...

Finally birth to three times that we have the pleasure of attending:
see how viewers attend the birth of cinema (the first projections), we see on the screen is projected to birth (the magician takes a newborn out of the hat) and see how the mother of Carlos, in a naive and endearing it to her baby at the same time.

The power of images, the power of film. She said
at the beginning: The film is a passion. Drags us, engulfs us, touches us.
And those who feel like that we let ourselves. To be drawn, let's swallow, let us move.
it be so for long ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sample Recommendation For Sorority

Brief Encounter: the eternal return

Like a phoenix, back from our own ashes.
"Brief Encounter " returns to take account to upload videos, and so better able to show and explain the intricacies of this art impossible so enigmatically mystified that we call cinema.

I could not resist.
I guess I'm too stubborn, and a little inaccessible to despondency. Although more than the first, no doubt.

In any case the promise is double and comes loaded with work, not only because the intention is to show new things, but to get back all the audiovisual material old and unfortunately lost by the cancellation of the previous account .
Because I find it interesting, because I want to keep it that way, and because the videos, which were more than seventy, slash the number that still allows me to address the re-raise.
These will be slowly but surely.

To celebrate, and to say goodbye for this holiday season, "Brief Encounter" wants to show a very special video tomorrow, charged with meaning and significance with regard to the essence of this blog.
is a surprise that I recommend not to miss.

In any case welcome back to the rebirth of " Brief Encounter."
Welcome to this brief encounter is the cinematic experience, welcome to this brief encounter that occurs inside a darkened room, in that brief encounter that is getting carried away and transported to the world of the unattainable.

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity once again to check.
So, till then.

Missouri Compromise Of 1850

A semis by the front door

As expected, the club passes for the fourth consecutive year to a Champions League semis with moral through the roof and repeat the knowledge that two seasons ago is not impossible. But it is not surprising as last night Pep has gone with everything. Valdés, Piqué, Xavi, Messi, Busquets, Alves and Villa have made headlines, but three of them have been replaced.
The party painted it easy for all but Guardiola. The semi-finals was achieved and Shakhtar could not grab it when Valdes was at the door. After five minutes, the goalkeeper made a paradón L'Hospitalet that invites debate about whether it is better goalkeeper Víctor Casillas. In fact our goalkeeper has had one of the best games of the season avoiding a few goals that could have hurt himself, as did those from Betis in Cup The problem is that on the other side of the field could not work much. The first dangerous shot came almost a half hour of play Leo Messi's boots. She had awakened our God. The last quarter of an hour the first time was not only a constant siege of Leo on the Ukrainian goalkeeper. So did a few minutes before the break to the goal that proved to be the determinant for the victory culé. Alves is on the band and connects with the Argentine, who is leaving three defenders and beat the goalkeeper for bass. This much could be neutralized two minutes later but was a spectacular Victor Valdés.
In the second half, "Double V" was still more work despite the constant aid of the defenses. Were rather forty-five minutes of peace because it knew that the semi-finals or not escape a disaster. Barca played to like and entertain the public and, above all, without getting tired with the mind set in the Classic on Saturday. For its part, Shakhtar had two chances to make the public could hold a local goal. Still, the game ended with a goal from Leo Messi and his mind more fantastic in the four Barça-Madrid ahead.

ALIGNMENT: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Milito Piqué-min. 70 - Adriano, Xavi, Pedro min. 66 -, Busquets, Keita, Afellay, Messi and Villa-Jeffren min. -. 75
CARDS: Yellow for Milito.
GOALS: 0-1 42 'Messi. STADIUM
: Donbass Arena. 50,000 spectators.
"I am an absolute fan of this team." Pep Guardiola.
"I hope that the club reached the final and win." Lucescu.
"The treble is difficult but not impossible." Víctor Valdés.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Build Dock Swing Rope

The Tune: A sequence

may seem odd to claim the value of photography in film blog , especially if to do so just using drawings.
But it is what it is.

And is that assert the value of photography, static image, there is such nonsense when it comes to the moving image, because the first is the original base and inseparable from the latter.
is somehow highlight the importance composition, the framing of the image (which will correspond to the film plane) we see no movement.
But in film, even more important than the same composition, is the use of the still image in a sequence.

Indeed, seeing a picture first, then another, then another, we have varied reading.
There is also a substantial difference from other equivalent forms, such as photographic sequence, comics or even the comic, is the fact that the moviegoer can not intervene in the reading time of the image.
an audiovisual If we see a still image (Either a photograph, either a drawing, either a frame without motion), the frame lasts as long as the plane, and ends when cut or transition appears below. That will be the time we have to enjoy and understand it.

not think we should consider it a defect and yes-just-a feature, but clearly, in this connection that the viewer's participation in a more passive audiovisual experience that if confronted with any artistic expression on particularly as a fast read of the image we mean.

And that, let us not forget, yes it is an advantage in the hands of the creator of the audiovisual material, as is holding a greater number of tools to "manipulate" the audience at will.
addition, self, which recognizes film viewer, who likes to manipulate and left inside a dark room, accept this as inevitable and somewhat rewarding.

If above, as will in the present case, all this is mixed with a brilliant sense of humor, and surrealism, the result is magnificent.
So back to the photographs, drawings and film, to talk about an animated film, "The Tune " which actually is a concatenation of independent short films by renowned animator Bill Plympton , stitched together through the story of a quest for the perfect melody.

At one point in history, Didi, the female lead, recalls her childhood as she sings a ballad.

be there when the director makes use of the photographs, what is known as photo albums (the private sphere of the photographic image) to tell the story of the girl's family.
Indeed, as the film is animated, the pictures are actually drawings, but we understand them as such.

and will be in the succession of the same, at first sight one after another and so this will give us an overall reading of that history.
still images are used, yes, but the variation of the same (what unites them, what the difference) is the crux of the matter.

There is little else to add.
The first picture shows the family, and from there what we see are changes that will increase exponentially.
The degree of surrealism of these changes will also increase, and is precisely the absurd that provide consistency to the entire sequence.
But it's better to say the least. Theirs is

With the last picture (the most absurd the most improbable) return to fuse with a map of the current Didi singing, and his memories, he has shared with us in the form of photographs of his family, render the nostalgia we perceived its sad song into something else.

It is not just a succession of still images.
has been the fact irlas seeing one by one (first one, then another) and with a certain time, the time the director has chosen for each of them, which makes the overall reading is in a certain way .
And you, sitting in a movie theater to escape, like the drift ...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rubber Bands Around Wrist


Career profile obtained with the Garmin

Bonita race that we have enjoyed over 300 runners and many others walkers in this warm Sunday morning. Also present in Onil villeneros enough, some going by bike other solo and others but in the end would not have gone.

A joy to have lived close to the 2 nd mountaineering experience (running) by Vicente Belda ... who would have thought it some time! He thought

out quiet, to enjoy, and when given the output arquebus quiet nothing ... running has been said. The first stages of the race are durum, picking up from the beginning, but you can not run because there are ramps too hard. In these first km Máñez see ahead and slightly behind Malpica, little by little would be lost. In one of the first ramps, 2 or 3 km looked down and could see a beautiful Onil and Castalla view and, as they say in cycling parlance, the "snake multicolor" formed by the runners in a row further embellished the landscape.

In these first km and will feel the heat and was looking forward to the first aid station. Of these about 5-6 km, a muscle that I never had "welcomed" in the race begins to do so. Is the pyramid, which in the hard uphill sections, and I think when I walk even more, announcing that vibrates like it is going wrong. That feeling I have it on several occasions throughout the race, but nothing to worry about (I think). What if I realize is that I have a long shoot in the mountains, it is another world and my body not used to it yet, but will be.

The course is beautiful, and the fact overtake walkers motivated and makes you run faster. The climb to the peak is not too hard on me, and get out in force. In the effort lowered over the account in one stretch and then repechillos payment in the two remaining to goal. Fani down salute, a former colleague of Onil, and just a few meters later ... zassss ... izquiero foot penetrates deep into a quagmire. Not good in mud in the mud, because I think it was the only one in the 14 km race.

As I left the rolling hills on the final leg will make me hard. The step to go down fast to start up again not taken it well. We will have to train him. On the last leg down I feel so tired, and there is a km or so that the slope is important and not under comfortable. Charly I see right into the asphalt, 1 km later, we would target. I think that soon we will be training together with an eye on the Aneto. Charly spirit, we hope.

Finalmete entered just under 1h14, at position 40 of nearly 300 runners, just ahead of Juan Carlos when I took 1 'and went for 41 overall.

Congratulations to Jorge Máñez (7 th) and Juan Malpica (13 º) that have made and are carrerón as motorcycles.

now to continue training for mountain.

Naruto Yaoi Dragon Ballz

Pep was right to win at bottom club suffered

Barca kept the eight-point advantage over Real Madrid to a very high price. In the Classic may not be or Mascherano, punished, and Bojan. The Linyola had to be removed from the pitch after half an hour of play due to injury and will miss the remainder of the season, a great season. Luckily, Leo Messi has returned to the path of goal with a double and a comeback that earned the three points.
Barca took longer to start and it took advantage of Almeria, surprisingly, had four corner kicks for the first twenty minutes. Yet the first to cause danger was Bojan, to fifteen minutes of play. The striker proved to be capable of the best, chance, and worst, he saw a yellow on the next play for a very clear hand. Who did have a good day was Leo Messi. The Argentine needed twenty minutes to enhance the machine and start building threat on goal by Diego Alves. Iniesta also has been active in front of goal, he returned to play end in the position of Peter. However, the fear in the body of Almeria players did not enter until the last minute of the first half with a Leo Messi shot straight to pole.
The second part has been a crazy start. In two minutes he had his first Barca, Villa sent her to the post, and on the back Almeria goal arrived. Nobody could believe that the computer in the first round had received eight home from winning at Camp Nou Barça lacking a success. But just two minutes later came a move that would radically change the face of the Andalusian aficionados: Villa goes into the penalty area and Diego Alves penalty causing him down. It was necessary to Leo Messi cogiera confidence again in front of goal and he did not know the maximum penalty miss. Despite the draw, Pep decided to make a change and remove Milito to give minutes to Peter. The Tenerife took only three minutes to be the first to turn around the party. But there is a player with a vocal bipartisan the best way possible. Is none other than Thiago, who scored the goal that gave the superiority Barca after a corner. Yet against Almeria any potentially dangerous and was required to close the match early. It was not possible and fortunately not necessary as the discount until Leo Messi failed to score. The Flea took a fatal defensive error Almería to close the account and climb to the top of the podium in the race for the top scorer Classic just before the Bernabeu.

: Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Milito, Pedro min. 53 -, Maxwell, Xavi, Mascherano, Thiago -Keita min. 67-; Messi, Bojan -Villa min. 30- e Iniesta.
TARJETAS : Amarillas para Villa, Mascherano y Bojan.
GOLES : 0-1 49' Corona, 1-1 52' Messi, 2-1 63' Thiago, 3-1 91' Messi.
ESTADIO : Camp Nou. 80.452 espectadores.
"No nos equivoquemos, no iremos al Bernabéu a especular". Pep Guardiola.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Giant Exercise Ball That You Can Walk In

stills absurd Luther: The constancy of the frame oppressive

We have brought in more than one occasion in these pages references both the time and the space issues in a visual narrative.
could not be otherwise, as are the raw materials it contains.

But in many cases, these elements, and perhaps the space no longer act as a trigger for the development of a story that you tell it how , but the feelings one is having to see her architects for both what you feel when you see .
And indeed, there the frame plays a critical role, together with the viewing angle.
A composition, angle shots, an unbalanced situation of the elements of the scene brings an inevitable reading by the viewer watches.
And if that is so much more when the composition or the angle is extended over time. Much more when there is a timely appeal of a particular scene, but repeated over and over again to generate an overall reading about the characters and the story in general.
So why not mark this feel. In this case define a style, a pattern that adheres to the story and it is impossible to separate.

course, that label, this particular stamp to the time frame and organize the plans can be relatively easy in a film.
A director with a particular idea, and it transmits and carried out.
For a series, and here we could talk about the thorny issue of "authorship" - does not seem so easy.
In most-if not all, of the television series directors take turns according to their own needs and each production. It is common in an average season of 13 episodes we are at least five different directors. Therefore
achieve this seal, that unit over time usually comes from the hand of another figure, usually known as the "creator" of the series, whose importance in this and other aspects of the production is evident.

Back to the frames.
Today I wanted to talk about it because I still swarming in my head the distress and discomfort caused me drawings of the television series " Luther", the BBC, starring Idris Elba , the late Stringer Bell series The Wire .

This series, whose first season had six episodes, is a true example of how framing the fact generates a certain way in the viewer a very real sense.
And to show a button.
Look at the first frame, and then see how it will be repeated throughout the episodes.

Indeed, the first thing that strikes us is unbalanced it.
Luther's figure is here in the lower right corner, surrounded by plenty of space to the left and above. A space also largely empty.
can feel how the space affects the main character. What deshubica, the uneasy, and hence we that we observe.

But I insist that what is most striking is that not a single frame, or a scene and moment of the series where the character is particularly confused or uncomfortable. No. The same situation will repeat throughout the film.

Let's see now not just a single frame, but a conversation between Idris Elba's character and played by Ruth Wilson, where the four planes retain that air of misframing, that imbalance, that let the space vacuum is present and overwhelm the circumstances of the protagonists.



Even in the planning of certain scenes, the composition of same results when less shocking.
Thus, a typical shot / reverse where we often see a character in front and one back (and vice versa) is turned into an occupation of that space by the two partners, touching the axis break.


But again the most important thing here is that the exception becomes the rule, and throughout the six episodes of the series, we dive into the story through these frames as oppressive and unbalanced.

Generally we will always see the characters in the bottom of the plane, so that the limited space that the gripping and overwhelming.

is important to note also that this type of composition (common as I said to all chapters and all the time) is even more apparent in the history downtime, rather than in action.
Thus, an alleged conversation "normal" will be marked by this feeling disconcerting and uncomfortable, and much to be considered downtime, will influence a decisive way in the end feel that the series appears.
Thus, phone calls, contemplative moments and conversations in principle irrelevant will be marked by this kind of talk.

not a question of extended further.
Here you can see examples from "a bit random, were too-of what I have.
Different characters-
not affecting how the protagonist in different situations, but a common way of framing, and a single reading that we draw from them: The frame oppressive record.

Although one has to acknowledge that -Apart from the unrest-which remains within me is the desire to see how it is resolved in the beginning of the second, this huge cliffhanger that ended the first season.
will have to wait, there is no other.