Friday, December 12, 2008

Hardon In Public Shower

1st meeting between agents of social intervention in support or migration.

The current situation in the field of social intervention
For several years, but more intensely since 2007, migrants, professionals, volunteers or employees in companies in the field of immigration, we have seen puzzled how troubling changes began to occur in public policies and resources aimed at migrants : closure devices, reducing the number of seats on host resources, reorientation of services based on unrealistic ideas, etc ...

addition, the current context of "economic crisis" is a justification for the Administration to In defending the budget cuts on social services.

On the other hand, in Europe we find a migration policy with an increasingly more restrictive and securitarian, attending only to their own economic needs and labor of the European states, regardless of the rights of migrants, which in most cases are forced to leave their countries for various reasons (hunger, war, persecution, or lack of future prospects), in which Northern countries have much to do.

In the case of Spain, and wander through the line of privatization are also adopting policies that are inconsistent doomed to exclusion of migrants who are now in English territory.

NGOs act as managers of services forgetting increasingly critical role in social transformation: the lack of capital, and dependence on government subsidies, places them in an unfortunate situation in which his main interest is economic (for their own survival).

setting a little more look, see how the star intervention professionals increasingly precarious situation (low wages, job insecurity, work overload, pressure from the authorities, too many responsibilities, etc ...), which negatively affects the care they receive migrants.

The result is a total FRUSTRATION: migrants who feel neglected, professionals are increasingly further away the object of his profession, perversion of the motivations, institutional barriers ...

Other agents of alternative organizations (platforms, groups, community centers, etc ...) have developed new meeting spaces with migrants tending to the horizontal, which generate richer forms of interaction between migrants and locals, becoming footholds and generate accompanying very useful for migrants. Are effective, but voluntary and activist (lack of financial resources, limited human resources, etc ...) can not cover everything that are not meeting the formal organizations. Nor is this the intention.

Possibilities for Reflection and Action

What do we propose?
Promote a space where to @ s (@ s workers, migrants, s volunteers, worked @ s) in which we act out our views on the current situation and discuss options for action available to us.

Through a First which seeks to accommodate all the voices, views will be presented will define problems and obstacles, look for intersections, and think up new avenues.

The purpose of this First Meeting is to begin to define future strategies to improve services in the broad sense that target migrants, not only with regard to the care provided, but also as regards working conditions for professionals: QUALITY TOD @ S.

A meeting

to tod @ s the Implicad @ s ( @ s worker / migrant / s volunteer / contributor @ s )

I hope the December 18, 20:00 pm, in Wonderland Patio

(c /. Agreement No. 8, Metro: NOVITIATE )

Do not settle.

s Together we can change it.

For more information :

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