Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Army Ranger Vs Marsoc

If we walk together .... 1st Meeting

If there was a rally instead of two ...
If complaints and proposals against the Aliens Act which penalizes tod @ s, not only to migrants, were read into a single microphone in a single place ...

How nice it would have been that instead of being 2000 and 2000 on 17 on 25 would have been 4000, the day 25 to receive the s @ s comrades who had walked a month from Barcelona in March for Equality.

Why the rush? When the law is on the hands of politicians.
Why the rush? When these politicians do have their breaks and lunches paid for by us @ s mism @ s. .... while it is @ s @ s. .. WE ARE ate bad but marching to Madrid, under rain or hot sun ...

That would have been nice to wait another week and see the excitement of arrival at the faces of different races, languages, dealers join the rest of Madrid '@ s-migrants.

That would have been nice ... it was not. How nice it would have been
also those green umbrellas had shaded day 17 in the morning from 25 to @ s walkers migrants.
How nice it would have been that the pace of samba mixed with African percussion and chants of the van.
How nice it would have been what was not.
How nice it would be if the cops were so manifest in every staff as they were on the march day 25.
How nice to hear "The people united will never be defeated" with the emphasis that the people screaming .... the "village", the "united", that "never" ...

How nice it would have been that the demonstrations were to do it in conviction and fight for what is unjust and not out of devotion and obligation to defend or other causes for which there was time.
How nice it would have been that already know except for administrative violations such as migrants, if they remembered that the interpretations of the laws are made and not a few citizens, and that the twists and turns of life are many and tricky. .... And that without struggle there is no certainty of known safe.

If there is a road instead of two distant and bullies ...... because the walk is nice if accompanied with comrades and brothers and sisters s. ..
How nice it would not fight for differences and unite for what unites us, in this case the injustices will be committed to this new Aliens Act.
How nice that there had been misinformation on march 25 on the March for Equality.

How nice that this event would have had had the same presence in the media that the demo of 17.
How nice it would have been what was not.
How nice that would have been "had" existed. Epilogue


Unfortunately, it is very likely that the Immigration Bill is approved. That an unjust law imposed on those who suffer the injustices of a system that has helped to create. That an unjust law increases the dehumanization to l @ s otr @ s. That an unjust law as we push back the crab, down a dark alley reduction rights and freedoms, we do not know where it ends (and that those who call themselves liberals and progressives are not realizing this!).
therefore can only be united and think how we will deal effectively with a law that undermines human dignity, how we organize ourselves to provide support to those are more vulnerable now, how we will generate information and knowledge so that more people open their eyes and act, and that as a species we recover the wisdom (if they ever had ).......

and will only be possible if we are together @ S.

Platform For if they close the borders