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Closed Mostoles and CASI CASI Carabanchel (... and now they're 8)

silently closes and opaque two CASIS (Social Services Centres for immigrants) of the Community of Madrid, in particular, Carabanchel and in the town of Mostoles. The latter was the only service of 80 surrounding municipalities. The same day the closure was removed all traces of the activity conducted therein including nameplates.

Monday, January 7, 2008

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SOS Racismo Madrid is concerned about the reception and fellowship programs in the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council

As associative entity within the scope of the Community of Madrid and has among its objectives the fight against racism and xenophobia, racism MADRID SOS is concerned about the current situation and future action plans reception, care and togetherness.

The plan "Madrid" the city of Madrid and the Regional Immigration plan the Madrid projected a few years ago, are in a deadlock and paralysis due to the uncertainty and lack of information conveyed by the new government team of both administrations.

We are concerned the closure of the Social Care Centers Immigrant Carabanchel, Tetouan, Fuenlabrada, Villalba, Móstoles, as well as the future of the other, which guaranteed basic care and interdisciplinary new residents of foreign origin who settled in those districts or municipalities, and other host-specific resources. Especially since it does not seek alternative remedies to ensure such care. As such, the CEPIS alternatives that do not cater to needs such as emergency foster care or individualized. We are concerned therefore, ignore alternatives and future directions of the Regional Plan of Immigration.

consider in turn worrying lack of information on the evolution of the Service against the racism of the Madrid Bar Association in partnership with the council. The lack of uncertainty is troubling for a resource that SOS Racismo Madrid have been supporting and whose existence we consider important, especially under high level of cases handled and the number led trials. We recall that the city of Madrid is part of the Network of Cities Against Racism sponsored by UNESCO and whose basic commitments have been signed. SOS Racismo Madrid asked to ensure the continuity of this resource and be endowed with means to continue to support the victims of racism in the courts.

Also note that we are concerned about the future of social resources that promote coexistence either through training or participation (EMSI, School of coexistence or the Madrid Forum and the District of coexistence tables.)

We note that closing devices, or the lack of information and confusion about their future have no doubt two groups affected. Users of these resources will suffer the loss of a social resource reference will not be replaced by another similar or the best cessation of services for a while until the clarification of its future.
On the other hand, clearly indicate the damage is done to the workers of these social resources that it will be dismissed or are in a serious time of job uncertainty. Therefore
by this note we want to make a call on the situation of migration and coexistence plans of the Community of Madrid and the city of Madrid. Therefore we want to ensure an alternative to affected by the closure of these devices and to clarify the status of devices which continue to be clear. We believe that the success of social action plans is necessary to ensure stability and continuity for long enough and do not make changes without offering arguments or alternatives. SOS RACISM

MADRID www.sosracismomadrid.es

Saturday, January 5, 2008

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With budget cuts, closures and changes in services social care of immigrants started this year 2008

Social work promotes problem solving in human relationships, power, social change and empowers people through the exercise of their rights and complaint the failure to satisfy improving coexistence and integration in society. If a city does devices that are responsible for carrying this task would be reduced potential for acting as our population.
In Madrid, both Community and City Council have initiated specific plans integration and coexistence possible to transform the social map that exists today with immigrants, native, plurality of religions and ways of life completely different. Do these plans were actually implemented? The question arises because many of the centers to achieve the sum of all that was proposed have not actually opened and those that have opened their doors have closed on the grounds of the administrations that are not about closures but change in the way care is provided.
According to the Platform of workers and users of these services: "These changes in care due to budget cuts for the new year 2008. Esperanza Aguirre to take over as new President of the Community of Madrid in May 2003 proposed in his campaign end in 2006-2007 with 32 CASIS (Centre for social assistance to immigrants) open. To date this promise has no basis and that in May this year only had 13 CASI having been closed some of them as the Puente de Vallecas and Villaverde. However, throughout this year have opened other centers with different services of CEPIS (Centers for participation and integration of immigrants). " The Socialist Deputy in the Assembly of Madrid Francisco Contreras, in his opinion these centers are serving "electoral interests" of the PP government and are "irrelevant" for the integration of this group. "What paint the Legionaries of Christ" in front of some of these devices? "He said Contreras, who explained that they do" through the Francisco de Vitoria and Opus Dei. "He noted that the centers were born" surrounded by controversy over its use, location and adjudication. "And he criticized the location they had many of these for being away from areas where immigrants reside whose nationality is named in each CEPI. The name and nationality Centro Hispano specifically excluded in the same name to the rest of immigrants of other nationalities. So it generates in the audience a selection of national participation and leads to the formation of ghettos. The Administration claims that these centers have the same function as CASIS when they are closed. However, users in the CEPIS consider making the same professional work in legal disciplines, psychological, employment and health as carried out in the CASIS. In early December there were data sources confirming 6 CASIS closing for January 15, 2008, following the protests generated after 11 December in the social workers' strike for a wage specification is most appropriate decision was modified. In the last week according to sources informed us that until recently blackcurrant were closing, the closing be postponed in some cases like Fuenlabrada until May 2008 and another two months continue.
Meanwhile, the city council in this month where Guateque case is still in a stage of investigation and arrest. Has decided to close a center and Home Care Program for Sub-Saharan population per year was a cost of € 800,000 was provided in the roof for people with traumatic migration processes and in many cases health problems. Also offered counseling, career counseling and legal assistance. The closing process begins on December 13, in a statement to employees informing them that due to a lack bureaucratic processing of concessions and the company that managed the Group 5 action, it has been submitted to the renewal because the budget was halved by the City. On 31 December, the center has closed and people should be moved to a hotel temporarily until another entity assumes responsibility for the program. "Group 5 had proposed to the City a month of continued low output of the company, the proposal was rejected by the technicians of the City "as an employee of the program. On Friday, 28 were transferred from the Plaza de Sales (location that distant from the floor) with a coach hired by the Red Cross. A courier collected all the documentation of all processes during the year carried 900 people and has had no assurance the City Council. The transfer of the users was conducted normal and what is perceived in the environment is sadness and distrust. The transportation used a coach known for them and that on several occasions in Canaries as in the Peninsula were taken in this transport and are also used to repatriate other colleagues who were leaving. At Hotel arrive accompanied by the workers who were with them on the floors throughout the year, journalists and Porsicierran Platform. At no time appeared in the personal service of the City or Red Cross who oversee the program. The only present in the Hotel were employees of the same who then began to enter the social workers who were directing. The Welcome Hotel is located on the tip of the Industrial Park of Villa de Vallecas, 15 minutes by bus from the subway station of Sierra Guadalupe. Hotel staff decide that there should be no journalists in the vicinity of the place and call the police, threatening to report workers, Group 5 and journalists. The program will continue as official releases. However, immigrants have only food and lodging, while no transport, no continuity in the processes of post-operative, or continuity in judicial proceedings, much less a monitor to accompany and guide since language learning was interrupted by Like the program. The Administration recently announced 28 per night that the program was granted the CEAR for half the budget. This information is not reported on the day he attended Technical Calamita Ana City Council Wednesday 26 December, the grounds that such a resolution had been a long time to occur.
Meanwhile, these two months the Red Cross will have no monitor to monitor. Day 31 was experienced another change in the Device No. 7 Service Translators and Interpreters (CETI), according to a "Service of Interpreters and Translators of the City of Madrid in time to perform as was done in person granted service company to attend the consultations on mobile phone applications for translations of social services. "
These are budget cuts that target services to immigrants plans introduced with great fanfare are now water under the bridge .... Although the documents confirming constant heading of funds and actions plans. Where funds have been earmarked for these plans is both the Community of Madrid and the City? According to the City everything is a slow bureaucratic process that has prevented the SSA program is renewed. However, according to the Platform Porsicierran, found that there were conflicting decisions of what is said in the beginning with today, who have taken on the fly according to the news were coming to light. How is it possible that the closure of a management program is slow? And when the news comes to light, in a couple of hours with Red Cross signs agreement for two months in the hostel and the day of the transfer by confirming that CEAR night in March will be the entity to manage the program. All this information was not communicated to day 26, causing an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty among customers and employees.
Where will the money go and what is the decision that instead of designating the care services for immigrants are directed towards other destinations? However, if there is money for a Light and Sound Performance on 23 December in Cibeles, or lights around Madrid or Tree of Illusions. For the holidays the Madrid City Council authorize an expenditure 5,602,381 euros for a single company Madrid Art and Culture (MACS). The Tree of illusion and magic is a cardboard construction. A simple carton of those with whom they are covered from the cold homeless people. Campaign Against the Cold was designated an expense this year of 900,000 for the entire winter for the 20 days of the holidays almost 6 millones.Otra the claims of the Platform is that it is a political strategy where they want the disorientation and wandering of the immigrant population is visible to the rest of society before the 2008 national elections. Moreover, cuts in services and more restrictive measures directed towards the proposal Law Immigration is obvious where the criminalization of immigration and the classification of citizens, the REDI (National Network for Immigrant Rights) claims that this law is institutional racism.
The illusions that we in the fantasy and magic tree located in the Retiro are bubbles of unreality and very expensive ... An artificial tree does not feed on illusions but of life and salaries of all local citizens and immigrants residing in the city.

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The City Council hastily closed Program Center Home Care and Population Saharan

According to Hall, slow insurmountable the administrative process has led to date December 31, 2007 to close the only device-specific municipal sub-Saharan population. The contest to manage the program has not yet been resolved, and the contract with the entity that currently operated until 31 December 2007.

This closure is taking place in a manner contrary to the ethics and morals, undermining the objective of promoting the integration of sub-Saharan immigration. All work has been carried out from this program will be cast down this disastrous decision and carefree, as if people were using the services boxes transportable from one place to another.

More than 900 people left without attention, as the headquarters of (c /. Good Governor 16, Metro: El Carmen) was the only point of reference for many of these people (which came to learn, seek employment, learning English , leave documentation, etc ...).

50 people from the program supervised apartments will be transferred to hotel Wellcome (c /. Miravete Homes 28. Polígono Industrial Vallecas. Metro: Sierra de Guadalupe), suspending all SOCIAL INTERVENTION: there will be offered board and lodging to February 29, 2008, but no staff that tracks social, psychological and legal of these people. Nor will there be financial aid for their carriage.

The transfer will take place on Friday December 28, at 11 am: Red Cross bus will pick up the people using the SALES side of the bridge (near the bullring).

We are trying to disseminate what has happened to the Program for the City (specifically the Directorate General of Immigration, Development and Voluntary Cooperation, under the Government Department of Family and Social Services) to assume its responsibility in this closure.

Program The workers express our strong disagreement to the way that is occurring closing, and will make the demonstrations required for this action by the City would not be forgotten.

Sincerely, Team

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Temporary Closure of Temporary Shelter

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