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Do Women Like Think Eyebrows

Lift-1-1 FCB

For the second time in six years, the Ciutat de Valencia is the Alirón culé. A draw was valid for both teams and especially for the club, to win the league champion scepter for the third consecutive year. There are now ten days of the championship and two and half weeks for the final of the Champions League, you can start preparing from now. Best of all was the Abidal return to the starting lineup sooner than expected. The Frenchman was able to play 60 minutes.
The match was more or less than expected. Both were content with a draw and did not fight for more. A party nearly without emotion and low rate. Also Leo Messi's goal could not keep it in the fight for the top scorer despite trying for the whole match, Villa continues its slump.
The Lift out stronger than Barca and had the first opportunity despite not being in control of the ball. Yet with a ball Xavi builds you a goal. The "teacher" hung on the front, where he met Keita who headed directly to the squad. Golazo. But almost a quarter of an hour later, without good game, Piqué was wrong to try to leave it to Valdes and Caicedo took to match the shock. Thus ended practically the first time.
In the second half, Barca seemed to go for three points. Leo Messi put the fifth and even sixth gear and looked for the goal of all forms. He had two very clear, one of them came repelled by the pole, but failed to find the winning goal. Honestly there was no more than that. A very boring game.

ALIGNMENT: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Abidal, Fontás min. 62 -, Xavi, Busquets, Keita, Afellay, Messi and Villa-Pedro min. -. 85
CARDS: Yellow to Pique.
GOALS: 0-1 27 'Keita 1-1 40' Caicedo.
STADIUM: Ciutat de Valencia. 20,000 spectators.
"There have been three quarters of a spectacular season." Pep Guardiola.
"You never win to win titles." Iniesta.
"This team is very big. "Xavi.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Polyps Top Of Mouth


My blog entry number 100 of the shoe for a 10 ...

It is now just over 1 year I bought my first mountain shoe, the Salomon XT Wings, which I've done about 500 km so far. Since its purchase I found good shoes in many respects, especially in protecting the foot and the correction to avoid sprains. But he was not happy at all. I bought something small and feelings from the beginning have not been all that good, I end up running with a desire to take them off, something uncomfortable, although I continue to give them enough time tute.

Last week I decided to buy my second trail shoes, for less than three months ahead of Aneto, I think it's time for this, since I SALOMON arrive in good condition if you now begin to raise substantially the number of miles for mountain. My decision was none other than the Brooks CASCADIA 6 of the wonders he had read. All people who have them are happy, and forums have not read even one negative comment from them.

Now I can be one of them, one more than he speaks well of this shoe at all comfy. It seems to be a good shoe sole asphalt reinforced and strengthened to avoid shocks, but still very light to be mountain and very comfortable.

My first workout with them was Saturday, and I got 20.9 miles per mountain, 2h 7 '. Good premiere and not a single annoyance, not a single but I hope this shoe to accompany me on many many races.

Some comments on this shoe: /

Online Lacrosse Matches

La Liga, one point

Once again, the club has managed to win the Derby easily. Espanyol created danger and allowed just a game very comfortable and uncomplicated. With The victory kept the eight-point lead and now the club depends upon himself for league. A draw at the Ciutat de Valencia Barca serve to receive the title next weekend's visit to Camp Sports Nou.
The game started quite calmly, safely and highlight errors or anything. These were the first twenty minutes. a bore, for denying it. But in reality what happened is that the club was making what would be the work of art that was the first goal of the game. Before, Iniesta and Peter warned two shots on goal Kameni. The manchego would be the one, the half-hour, open the can. A rally of more than two minutes in which the team touches the ball ends up in a duel between Don Andrés, the goalkeeper from Cameroon and the first goal of the evening. Things started out pretty well and the differences could be extended if Villa had not missed a one on one with goalkeeper parakeet when the easiest thing to put the ball into the goal.
In the second half, Barca came to close the game from the first minute of play. Pedro had the first chance but Kameni sent the ball for a corner. Xavi put from the left and Pique, perfect, we won the game to their rival to head the ball into goal and sentence and the match. Without having virtually nothing at stake, they became involved in playing it cool. Osvaldo had sufficient opportunity not only to reduce the gap but also to turn around the marker. And in the final minutes the only thing that one might mention a standing ovation that has become a lead Abidal, who has played the last twenty minutes of play. Another great proof that the French may be for ninety minutes at Wembley.

: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Abidal Font min. 71 -, Xavi, Keita min. 89 -, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Afellay min. 82 - Villa and Peter.
CARDS: Yellow for Peter.
GOALS: 1-0 29 'Iniesta, 2-0 48' Piqué.
STADIUM: Camp Nou. 89,944 spectators.
"If we had not won the league would have been opened." Pep Guardiola.

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Pressure Points For Periods

Monsters, Inc.: The expression above all

(attention, this analysis contains "spoiler" on the end of the movie "Monsters Inc." Pixar)

are so many different nuances involved in the enjoyment of a film, which is very difficult to rank them in order of importance: history, assembly, interpretation, rhythm, planning, the characters, the script. All part of the same. All involved, all influence.

But there is something so intangible, so ethereal, as elusive as it is an expression, and can get to say much, which invariably is linked to those aspects that can we get a story when we see it.

arose the other day, among friends, "and rightly so passionate defense and admiration for the work of Natalie Portman in" Black Swan. "
The variety of shades, registration, changes, inflections, tones included within a single face are absolutely captivating.
If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, why not be the expression of a face.

in animation is exactly the same phenomenon.
Without going into the bogus debate on whether the actors in three dimensions replace the flesh and blood, it is true that the animation (either 2D or 3D Stop-motion) has lived and lives on the expressiveness of his characters.
And, understanding and assuming their unreality, the transmission capacity that have not detract in the slightest.

Many of these thoughts come to my head and remembering the awesome grand finale of this work of art once again Pixar-made film that is "Monsters, Inc. ."

capacity suggestion, ecstasy, majesty, which leads to close this film with a touching expression is simply priceless.
And there is more.

insist that is the end of the film.
We experienced all the vicissitudes of Sully and Mike, two monsters who work in a factory dedicated to frighten younger children in the world of humans, because they need their cries to transform into energy for the world. We have seen
know Boo, a little girl who accidentally sneaks into his world.
We laughed, suffered and lived with his adventures, his friendship with the dangers of Randall, another monster.
Boo Then save and leave it in your world.
And then find out that the laughter of children gives even more power than the screaming.
Then Sully, the monster more, feels sad because he can not see Boo. And then Mike
reconstructs the door for Sully can attempt a reunion that you want ...

Here starts the scene.
Very slowly, and in the foreground, we see Sully nail introduced by the last piece of chip in the door.

Without any dialogue, only one variation on the image to make us understand that the reconstruction has been successful light up, off, lights.

Curiously, it is then when we open the field and see perfectly the situation of the characters. Sully
left, Mike on the right and the middle door.
The smile of satisfaction of Mike, the accompanying music, everything is preparing us for what comes next.
Mike takes a step back and let Sully is directed to the door.

We again see a close-up of the hand of Sully, how slowly turns the doorknob and it will opening.

The excitement rises.
Now is the time. Change
point of view and we stand in Boo's room.
With a cadence that borders on the infuriating, giving the time the tempo you deserve, we see how the door is opening, until we see a full front Sully.

And there is more to say.
Now is when the words are useless.
Now is when the term occupies its rightful place.
Sully opens the door and just say a word " Boo." From a corner (it's an absolute success does not show more than the monster face) we hear someone respond " kitten" and the excitement is overflowing.
And then, because there is nothing more to say, because it is not necessary to add no hugs, no joke, no interference, then the film ends.
With Sully's smile fades to black, and our imagination overflows.
The sequence of expressions (anxiety, fear, excitement, surprise and joy) is here:

I said before, no more.
An expression that is everything.
transmitting a character, and eyes that are driven-in every sense-by the ability to express. Sea
Jack Lemon and Gromit, the expression is always what counts ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Invitationemail

Abi, Wembley awaits you expect

Wembley is something real. London 19 years after the Barcelona will contest a European Cup. Real Madrid to an eleven, Pep could make a colorful game in the attacking and almost without having to worry about mistakes. And despite the good game has not lacked controversy.
From the first minute, Barca went up with a Leo Messi incredible head. The only way to stop him was with faults and Carvalho was the first card soon enough. That moment was the time for change. After seeing the yellow, white players calmed down and decided to make good game. The increased level of the party and decided Messi and Casillas star. The Argentine shook the Madrid fans on several occasions and were it not for the great goal keeper that protects white. Up to five times the Argentine had opened the scoring on five minutes, and always ran into Iker. In another vein, Carvalho may not have even finished the first half with yellow and has two entrances from behind Leo deserving of a clear card. A gift for Mou halftime with eleven.
The second part was further improved. The Real Madrid thought the comeback and went on the attack from the first minute making fans suffer enough Catalans. In the first minute of play was the big controversy will queue all week. Christian goes, it leaves it exceeds Higuain and Valdes but a little further back is the Portuguese in the ground after tripping Mascherano and overthrow him. Madrid began to like the grass and make a game more or less good, a thousand times better than the previous Classic. The better they were, when they could create more danger, was the hero of Stamford Bridge to give one of his magic to Peter, who beats Casillas with a good goal. The goal put the nerves to the Real Madrid players and what was still a good game became a battle. Adebayor's goal came after Peter and the first opportunity he got a kick from behind Busquets, worthy of yellow but did not see it. Some players were nervous too culés losing a ball that led to the tie of Marcelo. Beginning and another party but the Real Madrid had twenty minutes to two more goals, something impossible in the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona's defense began to notice fatigue and stress and inaccuracies followed. Real had the opportunity to put some nerves over the game like Messi, who just stood on the basis of hard fouls, the had to close. But the minutes passed and all that happened was that Real Madrid players were unable to do anything and, as we all know, the impotence best is violence. In the last few minutes there is only one salient fact and also very important. Two minutes from the end of regulation time, Eric Abidal returned to a level playing field after spending a month and a half surgery. Three months earlier than expected, the French dressed as short and hear about a hundred thousand people cheered him. A crack without a doubt.
So much for the Champions for this year. The 28 will be the best day of Barcelona. The fourth European Cup is coming soon. VISCA ship!

: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal min. 88 -, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Afellay min. 91 - Villa-Keita min. 74 - and Leo Messi.
CARDS: Yellow for Peter.
GOALS: 1-0 54 'Peter, 1-1 64' Marcelo. STADIUM
: Camp Nou. 95,701 spectators.
"We removed a great team." Pep Guardiola.
"I've worked hard to be here." Abidal.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shirt For Dark Grey Suit

The Silence of the Lambs Hannibal vs: What is shown, which is not shown

What is shown, what is taught, versus what is not shown, which is not taught.
We will not speak of eroticism, but the comparison is most relevant, and yes the narrative language of cinema in general.

Experience tells us that always proved more effective at the time of narration, not giving the viewer all the data.
We have said on occasion, the film viewer and is-by its very nature, one of the more passive when the assimilation of what he is seeing (compared with a reader of novels, comic or the kinds of is clear), so whatever is activating its relationship with what you see is always more appropriate.

But it is not just that.
Many times, if we provoke, if we are to fear, if we move, frighten or thrill, it is better not to give any data to the viewer, not to be seduced by the obvious, and use it not shown, the space outside field, to only what is sensed, to what turns out to be imagined by looking.

are many examples, but I can not think of any better to exemplify that the dichotomy is between " The Silence of the Lambs " and its sequel "Hannibal " and how both films face the same fact completely different way.

The fact of the matter is the attack performed by Dr. Hannibal Lecter to a nurse at the jail where he is being held. Let
analyzed separately:

In "Silence of the Lambs," directed by Jonathan Demme in 1991, this attack is used by Dr. Chilton to scare the agent Clarice Sterling, who has just arrive at the institution where he is imprisoned Lecter to meet him.
order to intimidate, Chilton tells verbal-only mode, the attack violated a nurse Lecter and shows him a picture of what was the girl's face.

The complete sequence is in this video:

There are several striking things in this sequence, but what actually interests us is at the end.

Before we can appreciate how the director wants to create unease in the viewer through the intricate spaces Chilton and Sterling must cross to get to where Lecter.

The first is a staircase railing as we expected and the bars of the prison where they are.

The next space is shown with a camera movement that literally engulfs us and conditions us, which brings us to a claustrophobic spiral where there just to be clear where we are, who is on which side of the fence.

In fact, the plane begins to approach a door, and at first we feel that we are Chilton and Sterling and we are going deeper into the prison.

But soon appreciate that no, the two protagonists are at the bottom of the plane and come to us, that in fact we who are trapped on the other side of the door.
then that door opens and Clarice passed and the doctor.

And then, if the scene were not confusing enough already, ambiguous and claustrophobic, the camera follows the two subjects (turn from where they started the movement) and we find that the bottom is another door, another fence, another fence.
The feeling of isolation can not be higher.

The end of the sequence, and the party to which I referred, it is now.
As if the viewer had not prepared enough in the network of corridors and bars, the director plunges the characters into a tour de force last and makes them go down the steps leading up to the last gate, which is illuminated by a red light.
The metaphor of the descent into hell is obvious.

And it's in that moment when Shilton tell the story of Lecter attack the nurse, and show you the picture of how he was the face, disfigured and unrecognizable.

After so much stress, both charged atmosphere, what we have is this plane.
a single plane.
Let's see Clarice's face when he sees the picture.
do not see the picture, we see the face of the nurse, we see the atrocities of Lecter. We
gesture when he sees Clarice all that.

contrapicado In a wonderful, appreciate all the horror, all the fear in the eyes of Clarice Sterling.
And no need to show more.
In fact, what most encourages our imaginations, the most restless and disturbs us, is precisely the fact that we do not see, that can be anything. And that makes it unattainable.
In contrast, the sequel to Ridley Scott directed in 2001 will face the same fact a completely different way.

This time we will see a Clarice Sterling played by the great Julianne Moore, reviewing the record of Lecter, is a video tape that record the attack of Hannibal famous nurse.

The sequence only lasts 38 seconds, and although it has been inserted, the you can see by clicking this link .

are several issues that draw attention in this case:
one hand, the chosen medium for dissemination.
In "Silence of the Lambs" was a picture (a simple picture) while here is the video, with a load even more iconic.

And for another, and clearer, is the fact that once it is shown in the previous film had as much concern to conceal it.
What was fear, now stays in disgust, what was really afraid, now converted into disgust.

The TV screen displays unabashed attack.

Contraplano the images we see Clarice as we observe.
Here we also point out several issues.
one hand, the similarity Jodie Foster plane looking at the picture in "The Silence of the Lambs", but this similarity is also the differences.
contrapicado No, no red (which replaces a cold blue filter) and the very expression of Clarice, the less impacted, curiously like us, for what it is witnessing.

So Hannibal's bloody face after being bitten by the nurse, on this occasion as a "double-example of bad taste.

as far as possible the imagination of the viewer in a movie theater. Let's teach
all, show everything, giving the scarf and explicit narrative information.
That which is not that which is not shown, will always be more suggestive.

And yes, another day we speak of eroticism ...

Small Pink Crotch Rockets


a once full of changes and team players could not beat Real Sociedad. They have not played with the intensity needed, and knew the defeat of Real Madrid, and could not overcome the set Donostia. The bad news of the party comes by Montoya has had to be replaced before the end of the fourth hour of play due to injury. In addition the school has a goal disallowed valid Gabi Milito.
As always, the best in the opening minutes was Leo Messi. The Argentine was left with forces and twice in the first five minutes. Porters could still be calm in the first half hour only one of the shots Messi was between the sticks. But when he met the half-hour Thiago got the magic that characterizes him and poked the ball past Bravo to make the first game. With this result it came to rest as none of the teams failed to find the net. The party, the truth was not being what could have been.
In the second half, the Royal Society came out with strength and looking forward to the comeback. In 45 minutes Pinto has had more work than 120 in the cup final because of the need for the Basque team to score to leave the stations close to relegation. By the FC Barcelona team that has most endangered Chilean goalkeeper has been Jeffren with two good shots. But who else got it followed the absence of twenty minutes, he started the comeback-white. The controversy came five minutes later with a goal after a free Milito direct after he was injured. And five minutes later ended the local comeback with a goal from the penalty spot after a poor measure input Mascherano. The last ten minutes were an attempt culé of at least achieve the equalizer. Jeffren was clear the two occasions but both times he ran with Bravo.
Now thinking about the Champions League in Madrid that Alirón expect.

: Pinto, Alves Montoya min. 13 -, Pique-Mascherano min. 63 -, Milito-Busquets min. 79 -, Fontes, Thiago, Xavi, Keita, Afellay, Jeffren and Messi.
CARDS: Yellow for Mascherano.
GOALS: 0-1 30 'Thiago, 1-1 71' Ifran, 2-1 82 'Xabi Prieto. STADIUM
: Anoeta. 30,000 spectators.
"What happened today was a lesson." Pep Guardiola.

How Bad Is Nitrous Oxide

SHOPPING ... Y of Estrene

I take the shopping list, wallet, cell phone, keys ... and leave home, but this time was not to go to Mercadona, since in the shopping list instead of "milk" put "backpack", and instead of "chips" put "sticks" and a few more little things that are necessary to my challenge of 69 km mountain. Therefore, instead of going to Mercadona, I prepare with my family to go to Decathlon.

spent a nice morning shopping, and it is true that on days like today I understand in part to some people, especially women who enjoy buying whatever it is. I enjoyed the day shopping, I love going to sporting goods stores and see everything ... shoes, shirts of all kinds, tights, pants, hats, gloves, frontal, gels, socks, ... At least I have something to head (and little money) and I control myself, because otherwise ...

The issue is that I bought several items that I need in my new mountain, among these items the bag, which incidentally I loved it.

The next day, Thursday, unable to wait any longer, I went to try it with my son. It is also the first route "would be" we do together, as they were about 5 km from the repeater up and down the Sierra de la Villa, demanding an exit for him. We really enjoy.

On Friday, another route with a backpack, this time alone. Were just over 17 km with several climbs in the mountains of the town, for me a long mountain. Again I greatly enjoy the mountain, and thrill with the pack were very good. Nothing moves, and multiple pockets carrying both the front and rear, offer many possibilities.

Here you have the profile of this day.

were 17.1 km in 1h 52 'with over 600 vertical meters +.