Friday, April 11, 2008

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CIE CIE Aluche

Platform " In case closed Borders" in his desire to serve as a forum for meeting and exchange among professionals in the social field (and field of migration in particular), to the serious events that have occurred during this ICN week Aluche and complaints about alleged domestic abuse, has decided to serve as a platform for the statements expressed by a large number of professionals working in different organizations to develop programs and comprehensive humanitarian shelter to people in an irregular situation and that their voices are reflected in the organizations in performing their tasks.


As workers from different organizations are developing programs and comprehensive humanitarian assistance to undocumented migrants, we perform a series of clarification regarding the information appearing on the Service Processing Center Aluche:

  • None of the organizations that are conducting humanitarian assistance programs and comprehensive people RCFs outputs have access to the interior of the same, what is not true that there are perform social tasks by these organizations within centers. The work of these organizations starts at the door of the CIE, when picking up people who just left the detention center, to be transferred to their respective host programs. We can attest to this, because we are some of us @ s @ s who carry out these tasks.
  • Given the allegations which have emerged as social professionals demand to be carried out the necessary investigations, and to identify responsibilities if the allegations are true.
  • We demand
    observe compliance with the Human Rights in the treatment of immigrants within the centers.
  • demand that increase transparency in the management of these centers, the opaque spaces that social organizations have no access.
  • We want to express some social groups such as " The Underground Railroad" or the " Office of Social Rights Patio Wonderland" can not be described in terms used by the Confederacy English Police : "alleged Waste and minority NGOs, have lied and are using the immigration phenomenon and suffering for some immigrants posed by this situation as leverage to justify their outputs in the media since its radical activity does not manage to place in space social ".
  • From here, we want to make clear that both groups are doing an outstanding job performing unpaid volunteer work. In most cases these are highly qualified professionals working for social organizations , and decided to spend some free time to cover necessary services for the population (services that are being offered by NGOs or from the administration due to lack of capacity to identify needs or directly to the lack of political will).
  • Finally, we hope that the statements made do not lead to a polarization of positions, but simply to contribute to greater collaboration and communication among all entities (organizations or administration, including here the Forces of State Security ) related to the care of migrants, so that any violation of human rights can be investigated and prosecuted.

Signed. Professionals in the field of migration

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