Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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Christmas Dreams (Text of Hugo Moyer Agostini)

I have taken this story of a mail that I sent a good friend, I hope you enjoy it as I:
The hopes and dreams are the last to be lost. When they disappear, life is over and obscures the light of day. I've always been committed to my dreams and most of them have been able to realize, especially those who depend on my strength, my energy, my creativity and my willingness to work hard to see how the rocks blossom, those ideals not depend on us! Right? However, we can not stop dreaming and grow deep in our minds and feelings, these utopias, those objectives and goals will come true someday.
human beings are bound to see the future with optimism. Despite millions of souls suffer the pain, misery and poverty of a global society unjust, in which wealth is concentrated in few hands and are distributed in inequality, in spite of the Earth calls for a better deal for its rivers, lakes, the air we all breathe, its trees and plants, their skies and plains. Although it is inconceivable that we are surrounded by phones, faxes, televisions, microwaves, satellites, supersonic jets and the Internet, seems to lie! no time to live life and enjoy fellowship of our loved ones Yes! Despite all this, it is worth persevering in the struggle for a better world. More humane and more respectful of Mother Nature.
Hopefully this next year, despite the voices Ominous, receive with joy the future of our country, now as never bathe the dreams and hopes of millions who were excluded from education, health, housing and decent work. Hopefully, for life, for all those who have fought for our true independence, the chirping of birds, by cultural traditions that make us equal in diversity by the sea that rage rears when they see lights in around , by the smiles of children when they open their gifts at dawn, for the old ladies who pray for peace and happiness of the blessed souls, by the patriots who are transformed every day, true countrymen, for all of them, , hopefully, I repeat, 2006 is of happiness and success for all of us.
In that same spirit of brotherhood that we are called Christmas, I want to share a message of love that I came from Barcelona, \u200b\u200bSpain, who was my teacher of graduate and now my friend and teacher in Creativity, the leading English intellectual, Dr. Saturnino De La Torre ([1] sentipensar@yahoo.es ) who always, at this time surprises us with his gesture of commitment and friendship. Under the title: Put your dreams fly this Christmas!, Saturnino says:
If you find the treasure in you, if you manage to rescue the old dream, will have in your hands a great power to see fulfilled at some point, because dreams are nothing but the lamp of your desires. Dreams we all one day and we lost by not believing in them, like creativity, childhood companion and play.
dreams accompanying our lives, because we had small dreams, dreams of youth, dreams of family, hard-won achievements in our work or profession, to achieve, at last, old desires. Could it be that everything in life is to dream the dream makes live again? Sleep is the toy that he expected the "Kings" that claim to come from afar, to the schoolboy who does his homework is the recognition sleep, sleep is love or friendship that drive to look away. Dreams are
birthday candles, dream is to receive the first salary, dreams are the keys to the first floor (house), dreaming is waiting for a birth, sleep is the trip of a lifetime or kiss and hug the reunion, is to find sense of loneliness, lost love, the absence, to detachment, to find one yourself, sleep is health for the patient: he or she give these words carry the power of the remedy. Sleep is the goal we set with the imagination and thought. Your mind is the magic lamp that makes wishes come true. Turn it on y. .. Put your dreams fly! In this Christmas.
Retired professor of Light. Moyer Hugo



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