Sunday, December 18, 2005

Post Brazilian Wax Infection

NO! the chances

Sometimes you think that things happen just as they come, others argue that there is a destination. Recently, my relatives calling to inform you of my gait and were quiet. I spoke with Melida Antunez, a dear aunt, was holding in his farewell party organization. I invite you to share in that lunch, and I really welcome the warmth of the staff who work there and the important mission they have them care for children in Zulia state. We share hallacas , bread ham, salad chicken, ham Ironing and refreshments.
These people really have been highlighted and is serving about 4200 children Zulia. They are currently campaigning change a gift for a smile really is an activity that requires a high logistics in order to meet these children as they deserve and the extraction of each of them a beautiful smile. I wanted to talk a little about it because I do not think that our lives go from one side to another predestined, but we are responsible for our acts. I independently of any belief, children are our future. Any action that benefits them is laudable and my admiration.
To all a Merry Christmas!


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