Monday, January 7, 2008

How To Build Cement Tub

SOS Racismo Madrid is concerned about the reception and fellowship programs in the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council

As associative entity within the scope of the Community of Madrid and has among its objectives the fight against racism and xenophobia, racism MADRID SOS is concerned about the current situation and future action plans reception, care and togetherness.

The plan "Madrid" the city of Madrid and the Regional Immigration plan the Madrid projected a few years ago, are in a deadlock and paralysis due to the uncertainty and lack of information conveyed by the new government team of both administrations.

We are concerned the closure of the Social Care Centers Immigrant Carabanchel, Tetouan, Fuenlabrada, Villalba, Móstoles, as well as the future of the other, which guaranteed basic care and interdisciplinary new residents of foreign origin who settled in those districts or municipalities, and other host-specific resources. Especially since it does not seek alternative remedies to ensure such care. As such, the CEPIS alternatives that do not cater to needs such as emergency foster care or individualized. We are concerned therefore, ignore alternatives and future directions of the Regional Plan of Immigration.

consider in turn worrying lack of information on the evolution of the Service against the racism of the Madrid Bar Association in partnership with the council. The lack of uncertainty is troubling for a resource that SOS Racismo Madrid have been supporting and whose existence we consider important, especially under high level of cases handled and the number led trials. We recall that the city of Madrid is part of the Network of Cities Against Racism sponsored by UNESCO and whose basic commitments have been signed. SOS Racismo Madrid asked to ensure the continuity of this resource and be endowed with means to continue to support the victims of racism in the courts.

Also note that we are concerned about the future of social resources that promote coexistence either through training or participation (EMSI, School of coexistence or the Madrid Forum and the District of coexistence tables.)

We note that closing devices, or the lack of information and confusion about their future have no doubt two groups affected. Users of these resources will suffer the loss of a social resource reference will not be replaced by another similar or the best cessation of services for a while until the clarification of its future.
On the other hand, clearly indicate the damage is done to the workers of these social resources that it will be dismissed or are in a serious time of job uncertainty. Therefore
by this note we want to make a call on the situation of migration and coexistence plans of the Community of Madrid and the city of Madrid. Therefore we want to ensure an alternative to affected by the closure of these devices and to clarify the status of devices which continue to be clear. We believe that the success of social action plans is necessary to ensure stability and continuity for long enough and do not make changes without offering arguments or alternatives. SOS RACISM



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