Saturday, January 5, 2008

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The City Council hastily closed Program Center Home Care and Population Saharan

According to Hall, slow insurmountable the administrative process has led to date December 31, 2007 to close the only device-specific municipal sub-Saharan population. The contest to manage the program has not yet been resolved, and the contract with the entity that currently operated until 31 December 2007.

This closure is taking place in a manner contrary to the ethics and morals, undermining the objective of promoting the integration of sub-Saharan immigration. All work has been carried out from this program will be cast down this disastrous decision and carefree, as if people were using the services boxes transportable from one place to another.

More than 900 people left without attention, as the headquarters of (c /. Good Governor 16, Metro: El Carmen) was the only point of reference for many of these people (which came to learn, seek employment, learning English , leave documentation, etc ...).

50 people from the program supervised apartments will be transferred to hotel Wellcome (c /. Miravete Homes 28. Polígono Industrial Vallecas. Metro: Sierra de Guadalupe), suspending all SOCIAL INTERVENTION: there will be offered board and lodging to February 29, 2008, but no staff that tracks social, psychological and legal of these people. Nor will there be financial aid for their carriage.

The transfer will take place on Friday December 28, at 11 am: Red Cross bus will pick up the people using the SALES side of the bridge (near the bullring).

We are trying to disseminate what has happened to the Program for the City (specifically the Directorate General of Immigration, Development and Voluntary Cooperation, under the Government Department of Family and Social Services) to assume its responsibility in this closure.

Program The workers express our strong disagreement to the way that is occurring closing, and will make the demonstrations required for this action by the City would not be forgotten.

Sincerely, Team


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