Monday, December 27, 2010

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IV Silvestre Vilhena The

I say about this race ... AWESOME. The best race of the year!

This time I would speak first of the ORGANIZATION. I do not understand how you can get so much for the participants to be a race for FREE. In many other pay € 10 or more and not even give you half. A 10 for the organization for this reason and for all who can think, perfect. By the way ... will think what they gave us to be so happy?? As well as a spectacular atmosphere in the Plaza de Santiago and surroundings, a wonderful journey through the main streets of the city and the Castillo, whose two vueltecicas to give are spectacular (maybe missing some light at some stage). .. besides that is very important, also give material things: Shirt, fruit, water, nougat, cider, chocolate, ... and this at each and every one of the participants. SPECTACULAR. If this were math and can make a rule of 3, in the races where you would pay € 12 to give away a car or something ...
A 10 also for all participants, because they gave (gave) a spectacular color to the race. From Santas to Mother Christmas, to mummies, supermen or bells, reindeer, elves girlfriends and, soldiers, patricians and bunnies ... all enjoy and we see that it is necessary to unite the word party with less desirable, but can be attached with the words sport and health.

As for my career, little more than what I said, AMAZING. I enjoyed before, during and after the race. In the company of two amazing supermen (Juan Jesus and Luis) and a bell flash (Pepa). The 4 ways a very sympathetic and we had a pipe.

racing the kids are a little more flojillas in participation, but I think it is normal for the dates that we (family meals, etc.) and by temperature (few degrees above 0 to 5 in the afternoon it was when the little ones started.) Here I have to name my two champions: Leire my daughter was in the race more or less, because it started andanso alone, continued in my arms and ended up in my arms and crying! (Hehe). And my son Paul, who won his second race, ahead, though I'd say on par, his friend Salva.

Those who have not participated this year ... OS CAN NOT LOSE THE NEXT YEAR! Put a

San Silvestre in your life is the best way to combine sport and holiday, health and fun.


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