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Crying Game: The endless bridges

Dedicated to Antonio Jaime, Pelu, which began this story, and Ivan Villafaina, who rescued her from my memory ...

looking for a special entrance to welcome the Christmas holidays (teaching vocation this blog will be closed for holidays), and I think that I could not find a more curious, more strange, more striking.
And it all started in 1992 ...

We must educate the eye. You learn that just over time.
That you realize things that others do not, you can see things that others are going, it usually happens only after having seen so much.
not arise spontaneously.
It is also necessary intent: When you want to see beyond what they teach, just watching.
Realizing these things, I say, takes time.
And I can assure you, everything is more enjoyable.

Now is the time to tell this story that somehow exemplifies what I mean.

happened one afternoon in 1992 when after attending the screening of "The Crying Game " by Neil Jordan , Pelu said:

" Did you notice the camera movement at first? "

I, clumsy by nature after the development of this story of love and discovery in the least I could think about was the level of the beginning of the film.
"While I was watching ," continued Pelu, " wondered where the camera was placed ."

Pelu was right. If you see either the plane, it is puzzling how this could be done.
is a horizontal traveling outside of a bridge, and the camera seems that crosses through the middle of the waters, so that the gear of cranes and guides in principle to seem too complicated for such a plan.
See him for yourself.

As I said, it's just looking. Something
there, no doubt, to imagine that do things.
You must be a camera, you have to imagine you have a camera in your hands and you have to shoot that plane you're viewing.
And then, because you discover that part magic, you have to figure out how it's done.
Because behind a plan so simple, stealthily hides technical complexity.
But what was clear: " thought they had built a bridge parallel to the plane roll," he said "until shortly after when the chamber is opened and the players walk around, the stage itself gave me the answer. "
was returning to be right. If you want to discover
for yourselves how the plane is shot (could not be easier) look at it in this video just 18 seconds:

Indeed, there was to build a parallel bridge it was already built. That passage of wood served perfectly to make the panorama.
And if they do not show it in this frame, the secret would have remained hidden from our eyes.

Here it seems that the story ends, but it really begins.
a guess way or another that is stuck in my head (because I saw the movie to see for myself) and has haunted me all these years.
And Neil Jordan has done their part to get me to stay.
rewrite this story four years later. 1996.
attend the screening of "Michael Collins " another Neil Jordan film starring here by Liam Neeson . And I would say shocked, I see how it comes back, is not magic and reality itself-the same bridge, the same gateway, same setting, in a completely different story.
are only sixteen seconds, you can see for yourselves

If it was easy or hard that lasts 100 minutes the film you realize that it appears stage (at one time different) you saw in a movie four years before you judge him.
imagine, and there is no getting around it, that it (and all that came later) mostly belong to the realm of obsession.
In this case, the Neil Jordan-first-and then my own.
But even if they were just fifteen seconds, years later I recognized that bridge as if he had seen yesterday.

And from here the story turns into carnage.
Everything becomes an effort to remember and check.
Remember the movie because I remembered that Jordan was in between these two, the curious and revisable " Interview with the Vampire" in 1994, began and ended with a bridge.
was not the same bridge is clear, but the scene where begins the story, and in this case where he had, became recurrent.

all this may
history was becoming part of accident and part of my imagination, but I refer you to the films themselves so you can see how these strange connections-whether intentional or not, are there present.

The beginning of "Interview with the Vampire" I could not fit, by the perennial problem of permissions, but what you see on this link .
And you have also pictures of how to start this epic vampire and submissions.

And final, where we return to the same stage at the same bridge, viewable by clicking here .
is not difficult to find metaphors in such a scenario. Much more when the start is a sunrise and sunset takes place in the final.
And, if history had been there, I could have attributed to some extent a coincidence, but no, it stays there.
Far from it.

decided, by stubbornness or out of boredom (my two main leitmotifs) to give a brief review of the films of good Neil.

And then I stumbled on "Mona Lisa , his third film, directed in 1986, and that I had seen release in my college years (feature film that, for other reasons, I have a special affection .)
I do not know if he was surprise or consent, I do not know if somehow I expected to see what I saw, but actually (it seems that it could not be otherwise) the film begins with the protagonist invariably crossing a bridge, dawn, another constantly seeking a new life.

I could hang the video, but I leave you with images.

was Ivan, recently, just talking about this strange and bizarre film, which reminded me of the story of bridges and coincidences that just told you.
imagine that for any clarification should ask directly to Neil Jordan, which, on the other hand, enough to make me happy.
not just a question of bridges.
In his films, Irish director's long history often located near an amusement park.
is true, yes, they are very cinematic scenarios.

But this story does not end here. Ivan
reminded me through "Mona Lisa" that whole pile of coincidences and bridges, but then I started thinking that surely there would be more movies that have more matches.
I realized that, for various reasons I had escaped the latest film by Neil Jordan. Specifically "The Good Thief" and "Breakfast on Pluto," which also wanted to see them.
So I took them and made some good double session.

Out and surprises, checked (and who knows what will happen) that in these both cases, the story ends-something like-a bridge.

" The Good Thief" is 2002, and in his final two men will cross a bridge as a pier.

And away (this time in broad daylight) also to a different future.

The case of "Breakfast on Pluto " is something different, because its protagonist also goes away, but in this case the scenario is more like a maze gateways.

may be more movies where it appears (I have not seen them all), or that everything is the fruit of my imagination.
Whatever. It's a way, like any other, have fun and hang out.

spoke at the beginning of this story that we must educate the eye.
I think so.
I'm not sure if stories like this one or perverts education (I am no longer able to see again in my life a Neil Jordan film without thinking of bridges), but in any event not others enjoy with these little obsessions that principals embodied in their stories and feel complicit in them.

And as I say, if you ever have the opportunity to meet and talk to Neil Jordan do not fail to ask for its bridges.
meantime, enjoy the holidays.


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