Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Abi, Wembley awaits you expect

Wembley is something real. London 19 years after the Barcelona will contest a European Cup. Real Madrid to an eleven, Pep could make a colorful game in the attacking and almost without having to worry about mistakes. And despite the good game has not lacked controversy.
From the first minute, Barca went up with a Leo Messi incredible head. The only way to stop him was with faults and Carvalho was the first card soon enough. That moment was the time for change. After seeing the yellow, white players calmed down and decided to make good game. The increased level of the party and decided Messi and Casillas star. The Argentine shook the Madrid fans on several occasions and were it not for the great goal keeper that protects white. Up to five times the Argentine had opened the scoring on five minutes, and always ran into Iker. In another vein, Carvalho may not have even finished the first half with yellow and has two entrances from behind Leo deserving of a clear card. A gift for Mou halftime with eleven.
The second part was further improved. The Real Madrid thought the comeback and went on the attack from the first minute making fans suffer enough Catalans. In the first minute of play was the big controversy will queue all week. Christian goes, it leaves it exceeds Higuain and Valdes but a little further back is the Portuguese in the ground after tripping Mascherano and overthrow him. Madrid began to like the grass and make a game more or less good, a thousand times better than the previous Classic. The better they were, when they could create more danger, was the hero of Stamford Bridge to give one of his magic to Peter, who beats Casillas with a good goal. The goal put the nerves to the Real Madrid players and what was still a good game became a battle. Adebayor's goal came after Peter and the first opportunity he got a kick from behind Busquets, worthy of yellow but did not see it. Some players were nervous too culés losing a ball that led to the tie of Marcelo. Beginning and another party but the Real Madrid had twenty minutes to two more goals, something impossible in the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona's defense began to notice fatigue and stress and inaccuracies followed. Real had the opportunity to put some nerves over the game like Messi, who just stood on the basis of hard fouls, the had to close. But the minutes passed and all that happened was that Real Madrid players were unable to do anything and, as we all know, the impotence best is violence. In the last few minutes there is only one salient fact and also very important. Two minutes from the end of regulation time, Eric Abidal returned to a level playing field after spending a month and a half surgery. Three months earlier than expected, the French dressed as short and hear about a hundred thousand people cheered him. A crack without a doubt.
So much for the Champions for this year. The 28 will be the best day of Barcelona. The fourth European Cup is coming soon. VISCA ship!

: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal min. 88 -, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Afellay min. 91 - Villa-Keita min. 74 - and Leo Messi.
CARDS: Yellow for Peter.
GOALS: 1-0 54 'Peter, 1-1 64' Marcelo. STADIUM
: Camp Nou. 95,701 spectators.
"We removed a great team." Pep Guardiola.
"I've worked hard to be here." Abidal.


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