Monday, May 9, 2011

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My blog entry number 100 of the shoe for a 10 ...

It is now just over 1 year I bought my first mountain shoe, the Salomon XT Wings, which I've done about 500 km so far. Since its purchase I found good shoes in many respects, especially in protecting the foot and the correction to avoid sprains. But he was not happy at all. I bought something small and feelings from the beginning have not been all that good, I end up running with a desire to take them off, something uncomfortable, although I continue to give them enough time tute.

Last week I decided to buy my second trail shoes, for less than three months ahead of Aneto, I think it's time for this, since I SALOMON arrive in good condition if you now begin to raise substantially the number of miles for mountain. My decision was none other than the Brooks CASCADIA 6 of the wonders he had read. All people who have them are happy, and forums have not read even one negative comment from them.

Now I can be one of them, one more than he speaks well of this shoe at all comfy. It seems to be a good shoe sole asphalt reinforced and strengthened to avoid shocks, but still very light to be mountain and very comfortable.

My first workout with them was Saturday, and I got 20.9 miles per mountain, 2h 7 '. Good premiere and not a single annoyance, not a single but I hope this shoe to accompany me on many many races.

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