Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Bad Is Nitrous Oxide

SHOPPING ... Y of Estrene

I take the shopping list, wallet, cell phone, keys ... and leave home, but this time was not to go to Mercadona, since in the shopping list instead of "milk" put "backpack", and instead of "chips" put "sticks" and a few more little things that are necessary to my challenge of 69 km mountain. Therefore, instead of going to Mercadona, I prepare with my family to go to Decathlon.

spent a nice morning shopping, and it is true that on days like today I understand in part to some people, especially women who enjoy buying whatever it is. I enjoyed the day shopping, I love going to sporting goods stores and see everything ... shoes, shirts of all kinds, tights, pants, hats, gloves, frontal, gels, socks, ... At least I have something to head (and little money) and I control myself, because otherwise ...

The issue is that I bought several items that I need in my new mountain, among these items the bag, which incidentally I loved it.

The next day, Thursday, unable to wait any longer, I went to try it with my son. It is also the first route "would be" we do together, as they were about 5 km from the repeater up and down the Sierra de la Villa, demanding an exit for him. We really enjoy.

On Friday, another route with a backpack, this time alone. Were just over 17 km with several climbs in the mountains of the town, for me a long mountain. Again I greatly enjoy the mountain, and thrill with the pack were very good. Nothing moves, and multiple pockets carrying both the front and rear, offer many possibilities.

Here you have the profile of this day.

were 17.1 km in 1h 52 'with over 600 vertical meters +.


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