Monday, May 9, 2011

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La Liga, one point

Once again, the club has managed to win the Derby easily. Espanyol created danger and allowed just a game very comfortable and uncomplicated. With The victory kept the eight-point lead and now the club depends upon himself for league. A draw at the Ciutat de Valencia Barca serve to receive the title next weekend's visit to Camp Sports Nou.
The game started quite calmly, safely and highlight errors or anything. These were the first twenty minutes. a bore, for denying it. But in reality what happened is that the club was making what would be the work of art that was the first goal of the game. Before, Iniesta and Peter warned two shots on goal Kameni. The manchego would be the one, the half-hour, open the can. A rally of more than two minutes in which the team touches the ball ends up in a duel between Don Andrés, the goalkeeper from Cameroon and the first goal of the evening. Things started out pretty well and the differences could be extended if Villa had not missed a one on one with goalkeeper parakeet when the easiest thing to put the ball into the goal.
In the second half, Barca came to close the game from the first minute of play. Pedro had the first chance but Kameni sent the ball for a corner. Xavi put from the left and Pique, perfect, we won the game to their rival to head the ball into goal and sentence and the match. Without having virtually nothing at stake, they became involved in playing it cool. Osvaldo had sufficient opportunity not only to reduce the gap but also to turn around the marker. And in the final minutes the only thing that one might mention a standing ovation that has become a lead Abidal, who has played the last twenty minutes of play. Another great proof that the French may be for ninety minutes at Wembley.

: Valdés, Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Abidal Font min. 71 -, Xavi, Keita min. 89 -, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Afellay min. 82 - Villa and Peter.
CARDS: Yellow for Peter.
GOALS: 1-0 29 'Iniesta, 2-0 48' Piqué.
STADIUM: Camp Nou. 89,944 spectators.
"If we had not won the league would have been opened." Pep Guardiola.


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