Sunday, February 6, 2011

Newfound Saintberard Cross


70 miles a week for 2 nd consecutive week, this time to train despite "only" 4 days, but have been long days of training with good feelings. The workouts have been these:

TUESDAY: PROGRESSIVE 1h + 7 '(13.2 km)
THURSDAY: 14' + 5x2000 + 13 '(15.1 km)
SATURDAY: 1h 11' by mountains or mid-mountain ( 15 km)
SUNDAY: 1h 55 PROGRESSIVE S + 7 '(27.2 km)

As I that the feeling was very good every day. Perhaps the only but the knee pain that I have now after the long today, but that is not na na ...

This week the goal, while continuing with his sights set on Barcelona, \u200b\u200bis the average of Orihuela. On Sunday I tell you ...


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