Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Is It Like To Work For Vans Shoes


After the best week, last, or at least the best in terms of happiness, has been the worst week of what I have to prepare for Barcelona. So far every week had been with positive feelings I felt better than ever, but this has not happened. I do not train any day without pain somewhere, especially knees. I suppose it's due to wear last Sunday and I think I will recover gradually.

However my week in terms of km has not been bad
MONDAY: Rest (deserved)
TUESDAY: 57 'very mild (10.6 km)
WEDNESDAY: 59' (11.6)
FRIDAY: 59 '(12.1 km)
SATURDAY: Cal + 1km 3x4x400 + RM + Enf (13.3 km)
SUNDAY: Largo progressive (23.4 km)

have been 71km in total. This next week to look after your knees and lower mileage, but still I want to do long series someday not too fast. Only 2 Semanita

to party!


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