Sunday, February 27, 2011

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end this sequence of entries with the same name with the number 10 in the absence of a week to Barcelona. Next weeks we will know how the training worked.

This week began with a lot of concern on my part because of knee pain and had returned to visit on Sunday, so I decided to rest Monday and Tuesday. Therefore I could not finish the training as planned. In the last three weeks have turned down the volume and intensity of training that was scheduled. On the one hand by the knee, and partly because I struggled to recover from the half marathon of Orihuela.

The final week has been more hopeful because of knee pain has not appeared and because I am already recovered and more comfortable workout. This penultimate week has been as follows:

: 9.1 km to 5'23 (softly)
THURSDAY: 12 km to 5'05 (picking rhythm)
: 21.5 km at 4 ' 50 medium and with 6.5 km to 4'18
SUNDAY: 11.2 km with 2 changes of pace 3km 4'10 / km

finish the week happy and already looking forward to the race. This last week is just resting. I will go out Tuesday and Wednesday and Chin-Pun.


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