Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Does Umbrella Mean On Spanish?


I crossed the finish line with arms aloft and crying like a baby of joy. Finally!

But I tell you a little purpose, that Title ...

Since it began in back in December 2002 in the average Aspe, I have run a total of 40 stockings today. In the first half stopped the clock in 1h 40 '52''. From there, as is quite common, I cut some time in the next, until my 5th half, in April 2003 for the first time Canals got a brand highly valued by mediomaratorianos, 1.30. At that time I did it with a time of 1h28'51''.

One of my first half: Santa Pola 2004. With my friend Julian Calero.

During that time, almost as far, I took all the media "to sack" but in some trying to forget the lap and enjoy. But for a while, almost every time I proposed it down some segundillos the mark, until 1h25 '27''just a year after my debut, back in Aspe, and it was my 8 th half marathon.

Soon after, in February 2004 in Orihuela, get the brand that has cost me much time off, my dear 1h23 '. On this particular occasion was in 1h23'12'', which is already a brand for my level quite important. Since then, many more half-disputed, but the most important in my time Santa Pola 1h24'02''in 2005, my Orihuela 1'23'02''in 2005 (which was my best record to date), 1h24'53 again this time in Santa Pola again but a few years later (2009 ), my 1h23'52''again in Orihuela (2009) and the 4 th time I was in Santa Pola 1h23 last year with 1h 23 '39''.

As you will understand some 4 times more than 1h23 and 1h24 ... I already had a physical and psychological barrier with this brand ... UNTIL NOW ... and by chance I still see the clock in the 1h22, but this time I do not, heh heh ...

Today I stopped the clock in 1h21'40''and I'm happy with this brand. I'm sure this is still going longer than the previous one, so I'm going to taste good ... je je ...

A greeting. Let's see if I can put the chronic morning, now I enrollao with brands.


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