Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Tooth Pain Moves Around


is getting closer, practically we are entering the countdown ...

This week I finished with 70 km. The most important thing is that it was the week that the average per mile I have gone faster: 4'38 on average every km of the week. This is mainly because I've only done a training "slow" in the week, career and long-Sax Progressive has turned out Sunday to the 25'2 4'37 km.

I think we are on track, I do not know if I started too late to go fast ... on March 6th I'll know. MI

week has been like this:

: 1h 1 '(11.8 km)
WEDNESDAY: 50' PROGRESSIVE + 3 '(11.3 km)
THURSDAY: 13' + 8x1000 + 10 ' (14.2 km)
: Cros Sax in 29'29''(7.6 km)
SUNDAY: 1h50 'PROGRESSIVE + 6' (25.2 km)

In fact, their cros Sax spectacular night once again. Spectacular as the environment within (1500 enrolled, although "only" 1000 runners some failed) and outside (arc lighting the streets, the town dump, despite the cold, ...). Spectacular circuit, touring the old town of Sax and also one of the main streets of town. Spectacular gifts that gave us the organization: hats, sandwiches, backpack, ... And spectacular it is free, so difficult to find today. CONGRATULATIONS TO NIGHT SAX FOR YOUR CROS.


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