Monday, January 3, 2011

Shoulder Getting Cold After Drinking Cold Drink

V Silvestre Alcoyano

Last year I really enjoyed this race so I pointed it in the calendar as one of the fixed stars. Also this year had a reason to go to Alcoy since he had been dining with family, and take a cafetillo and give us a charraica with college buddies.

FAMILY: We met for lunch about 20 parents, children, grandparents, ... 4 of which ran the race: my cousin the rat (who participated in a race after a long time without doing so), my cousin-Ruiz (who is engaging in this), Pepa (who debuted as a member of Villena and Promises CA premiered jogging suit) and a server. After dinner we went for coffee with my cousin villeneroalcoyana, who was the organizer of the family evening. Here the usual questions: Are you going to win ?...¿ what it is that you put on shoe ?...¿ for? ... ufff so cold, and now you're going to run? ...

Amiguet: We meet for coffee = Aquarius casually in the same place a couple of hours before the family had eaten. It seems incredible that 16 years after we met in college, we were there, some with more belly, others with a cane, one with less hair ... but together again and for sports.

But we go to the race. In the output I get in the front rows, because my intention was to get out fast from the start to prove. So I do and I think one of the fastest outputs I've ever lived. I go out and spend almost sprinting the first corner, about 150 meters from the exit, with 100 guys in front ... but we're crazy or what ????...

The first mile is downhill and passing them in 3.27 ... pabernos kills ... then starts the good and very nice. A beautiful park, which look up and see one of the bridges all lit Alcoy ... and parriba the following km are real tough ... rompepiernas to say something. We went through the most beautiful places in Alcoy: the Plaza of Spain, a former military shelter and a place I can not remember his name that was lit with torches. Cults km are along the main avenue of Alcoy, full of people. Roll it a couple of touching the 3.30 km km and with very positive feelings. Really enjoying the last meters and satisfied with the result. Finally

27.13 for 7km. Or what is the same to 3.53 on average, than the little rise that is not bad. Since 35 of about 800 at the finish. Phenomenal.

Pepa I note that despite being his debut in a race over 5 km, and was made a tiempazo 12 on the general female 78 on goal.

As for the organization. Very nice course, beautiful. The atmosphere is almost unbeatable. Justito bag and the worst the price. I think it's a race too expensive to be a San Silvestre in what is supposed to be promoting parcicipación. 10 to the organization and a 0 to the price. Expensive.
Although ... back next year.



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