Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Half Marathon Santa Pola 2011

After sleeping well, important to not always get it, we have in the starting line, David and I with the idea of \u200b\u200bgoing fast, but ... our position in the output is not the best, 2 or 3 thousand people before us made it difficult to get out fast, so that the next day and I will, now go to another rhythm.

José M ª, Pepa and David Izquierdo before the race.

output is given and it took about a minute to pass through it. Moreover, the first km we do walk in sections, slowly in others, and forward when you can ... at 4'36''. Then you definitely decided not to force and retain either too little. David continues to front, is very strong and then it was time to show.

Santa Pola is always special. With a very nice circuit and an unbeatable atmosphere. The cool morning was that the public was more apathetic than usual, but still, when we walked through the streets of more atmosphere, the emotion makes the legs to run faster and enjoy even more of what we like.

As for the pace I've taken have been between 4 'and 4'10 most km, although some have been on 4'20 me, when I crossed coinciding with the front runners because advantage to look with an eye to "red bullet" de Villena and gave them some encouragement. Ivan, Peter, David, Joe, ... carrerón have done around the front. He also went around front Miguel, the driver, but I have not seen, certainly was in the shirt of Elche, je je ...

During the race I overtook John Ayelo, today was not in the best conditions, but 1.30 should lose soon. And Philip, who has recovered from his injury, because the balloon was 1.30 cerquita. Gonzalo Emilio, with whom I agreed on a stretch of the race, have made carrerón with 1h36 and 1H32 respectively. The tempranillo are that we left. Congratulations to both because they are very close to their best times.

But for me the highlights of the club today were David Izquierdo, who has stuck a chunk leaving his mark in 1h23 (and catch and hide me, I am sure soon enough is because you can download more) . And Pepa, my wife, who in her debut half marathon has made an impressive mark of 1h54, accompanied by Lali, wife of Samuel, who also debuted in the distance.

Ultimately, the red bullets have left the flag up high. As for my feelings have been positive at all times, the pace of 4'10 so I could take some "comfortable." Despite this, and thinking Barcelona, \u200b\u200bdo not know if the pace is so easy to bend in the second half, I think not. Right now I do not look down 3 hours, I see nothing good about being a Minutillo above, but everything will come ...

The next half ... Orihuela in three short week.


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