Friday, January 14, 2011

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The National Film Board of Canada: Norman McLaren and the origins of NFB

"They say that the most important animation is the interpretation, because the cartoonist is a frustrated actor too shy or insecure to go on stage "

Or those crazy, in their Flying Machines ...

rescued today a priceless document that had the great fortune to record in VHS in the late eighties (the logo of La 2 will attest to that), and belongs to a material that, if time permits, I want to go digitizing and uploading to the Web to share, then (when they had as I have looked everywhere and not giving him) understand that there may be few opportunities to take many people to view it.

In this case the film called "The Light Fantastick" and discusses the origins of the NFB, the National Film Board of Canada , the renowned producer organization and publicly supported early in the decade of the 40 brought to the place John Grierson and Norman McLaren .

I must admit that I recorded this documentary before knowing the work of McLaren, and therefore before I feel fascinated by it and inevitably become one of my references.
boundless imagination, the desire to innovate, the spirit of sacrifice, the public will, everything is mixed in the work of this universal Scotland in the Canadian study found the perfect vehicle to teach, create and communicate.

But "The Light Fantastick" is much more.
is the story of a dream come true. Is the realization that art and commercialism are not incompatible. It is a delightful journey by authors and works (Evelyn Lambart, Caroline Leaf, Jacques Drouin, Lotte Reiniger, etc), by concerns ranging from the absolute breaking the conservation of tradition and folklore.
There cutouts, drawings, machine needles, sand, glass or clay. Everything worth
and anything goes.

The NFB continues to exist, and are worth visiting their web , where you will find both current and classic works of the study.
But if you want to get an idea of \u200b\u200bhow it was, what led to those crazy about the animation to come together to unleash all your fantasies, your projects and dreams (sharing, enriching each other) have a look at this documentary .

Dura total of 55 minutes.
Maybe in this era of rapid and excessive consumption of information you deem too long.
I tell you no. I've
divided into four blocks, things like technology, which will allow you to see whether or pull. I, once I give the play, I can not stop.

I hope you enjoy.

especially with all my love to my friends Le Petit Kohler ...


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