Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dogs Penis Has White On It

years I

just one year ago today I started this adventure of a second blog.
Yes, we anniversary. This
first inning then held on arrival in this world of cinema and film analysis with more doubts than certainties.
Maybe what I wrote then only I was wrong in thinking that I take so long. Because
leads me go if I lead.
The search for the pieces of film, format conversion, the rise of Internet portals, the export of images that interest me, and then also write the texts.
is not easy, it has not been, but I will not complain: Basically I like.
I tell you.

Today just a year later, many things have changed: copyright issues, accounts written off and forced conversion.
yet located in this new perspective, I seek a place where this flow.
was not born this blog with too many claims, nor is today, so we'll leave, we will leave, that the circumstances and the wind guide us.
And I am of those who let me do.

There will be less video and more pictures, but will remain, and that is for me the important thing, much cinema.
and share movie will be the main motivation.

So today I anniversary, and the thing will be celebrated as it deserves: A taste of a server. Tomorrow
hang (or recolgaremos if I may say) a video at the cost of the event.
not worry; I pay.

much I can promise, it is also not on my mind too compelling.
But if somehow you share a taste for the stories told in a darkened room-best in a theater, always, but also at home no-go from time to time here, where, with few hurry but much love, try to find and analyze this meeting point, if only briefly.
Cinema, that word evocative and magical.
Let us not miss ...


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