Friday, April 22, 2011

120-55 Queens Blvd Court Summons

Only time

That idiot when I dreamed of the moon and Egypt, with the sun and that beach soaking the face of pain at midnight, and a sigh in your favorite blouse, preventing tears fall more buttons when look at me with eyes formats last night.
And that silly imagining in each bar as the first time, smiling at any stranger with a beer and a cigarette flavored lipstick of those lips.

That idiot every time I told you not to come back anymore, and every time I came back and did not know what to say.
So silly you get used to sleeping on my shoulder, and l smell of your hair, and those dawn, and your criticism of my daily wardrobe, a smile . That idiot realize that if I got addicted to hear you breathing, watch you sleep, you feel close.
That idiot to not believe that you were going, it was the last time I saw your faded jeans giving me back pockets.
That idiot drowning in any gin, any dive in low light where you want to meet and can not be sure that tonight, I am safe from your smile .
evolves the fool asshole, and assholes in crazy in love.

And you with your mouth at any wine bar, giving kisses, losing his clothes ...


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