Sunday, April 17, 2011

What To Write On A Tombstone Funny

Draw flavored defeat. An insult to football

The league is practically in his pocket after seeing the game played by Real Madrid yesterday. Mourinho's team has barely played and has continued to play club. Have been locked behind as Inter last season and have looked for a possible against them. Furthermore, the arbitration proceedings has condemned the move away from Barca three points. For the sake of the game on Wednesday so I hope the referee as Mourinho's approach are much better.
The game started very locked, hard-fought in midfield with the ball at the feet of the players Barça and a lack per minute. The struggle that was being in the middle of the field is shown with the first card of the game, Adriano, before the expiration of ten minutes. We must also say that if it becomes another referee would not have left the yellow pocket. The minutes passed, the club he'd play in midfield looking for gaps to be able to give some excitement to the game and Real Madrid continued to yours, with eleven players in their own field. The only ones who yesterday could do something about the reluctance of white set were Iniesta and Messi who took a perfect jugadón ended with an attempt by the Argentine petroleum jelly. Perhaps in that moment he realized that Mou one of these could be the game and decided that his players would attack a bit. On the odd occasion came against Real Madrid but all were thwarted by the defense culé and Victor Valdes. And the worst thing the first time was at hand, never better. Villa went into the area, was left alone with Casillas, the goalkeeper touched just enough to leave the ground. Clear penalty which resulted in a yellow card for protesting Pique. At that time began to show more clearly Muñiz problems. It was the time of Madrid, the only time clearly had to open the scoring. The party was crazy and could take the premises. But perhaps the best chance from the previous minutes was Leo Messi in their boots after a career that includes two walls. I can not forget the way we ended the first half, with Adriano getting the ball on the goal line.
For the good of football the second half had to be very different. Fortunately yes it was but lacked the intensity and excitement of a classic. Like the first time, the second also started a bit stuck with two failures that may have different consequences. First Christian sent a ball into the wood and on the next play Villa was shot down by Albiol. The Valencian clearly grabbed the neck to Villa until he send it to soil. From the spot, of course, Leo Messi missed his appointment with the goal. But when things started to go more or less everything is twisted very badly. Puyol, who returned three months after injury, had to retire injured on stretchers. Without the captain, Busquets had to delay his position to leave yours Keita. But the face of adversity the club continued with his game and Xavi could extend the gap with a shot that ended up repelling wood. The party began to gain a minimum of intensity at any time either team could make a goal. Real had several while Barca, for the umpteenth time, he failed to end the game. That was the equipment failure Guardiola which saw the final ten a maximum sentence ended in a draw. The penalty leaves considerable doubt even think that the referee also did not dare to teach the second card to Alves. From the penalty spot to level the match Cristiano Ronaldo. And if the goal woke the Madrid FC Barcelona, \u200b\u200bin this case was the opposite. In the last five minutes the club had three clear chances they did do their best to Casillas. Finally
a tie that tastes defeat.

: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Keita min. 58 - Adriano, Maxwell min. 80 -; Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi, Peter Afellay min. 66 -, Messi and Villa.
CARDS: Yellow for Valdes, Alves, Piqué, Xavi and Adriano.
GOALS: 0-1 53 'Messi, 1-1 82' Cristiano Ronaldo. STADIUM
: Santiago Bernabeu. 79,500 spectators.
"Although we are not champions." Pep Guardiola.
"Real did not want to play, only to blow from a ball long." Xavi.
"The referee has hurt the conscience because it was not penalty." Alves.


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