Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rubber Bands Around Wrist


Career profile obtained with the Garmin

Bonita race that we have enjoyed over 300 runners and many others walkers in this warm Sunday morning. Also present in Onil villeneros enough, some going by bike other solo and others but in the end would not have gone.

A joy to have lived close to the 2 nd mountaineering experience (running) by Vicente Belda ... who would have thought it some time! He thought

out quiet, to enjoy, and when given the output arquebus quiet nothing ... running has been said. The first stages of the race are durum, picking up from the beginning, but you can not run because there are ramps too hard. In these first km Máñez see ahead and slightly behind Malpica, little by little would be lost. In one of the first ramps, 2 or 3 km looked down and could see a beautiful Onil and Castalla view and, as they say in cycling parlance, the "snake multicolor" formed by the runners in a row further embellished the landscape.

In these first km and will feel the heat and was looking forward to the first aid station. Of these about 5-6 km, a muscle that I never had "welcomed" in the race begins to do so. Is the pyramid, which in the hard uphill sections, and I think when I walk even more, announcing that vibrates like it is going wrong. That feeling I have it on several occasions throughout the race, but nothing to worry about (I think). What if I realize is that I have a long shoot in the mountains, it is another world and my body not used to it yet, but will be.

The course is beautiful, and the fact overtake walkers motivated and makes you run faster. The climb to the peak is not too hard on me, and get out in force. In the effort lowered over the account in one stretch and then repechillos payment in the two remaining to goal. Fani down salute, a former colleague of Onil, and just a few meters later ... zassss ... izquiero foot penetrates deep into a quagmire. Not good in mud in the mud, because I think it was the only one in the 14 km race.

As I left the rolling hills on the final leg will make me hard. The step to go down fast to start up again not taken it well. We will have to train him. On the last leg down I feel so tired, and there is a km or so that the slope is important and not under comfortable. Charly I see right into the asphalt, 1 km later, we would target. I think that soon we will be training together with an eye on the Aneto. Charly spirit, we hope.

Finalmete entered just under 1h14, at position 40 of nearly 300 runners, just ahead of Juan Carlos when I took 1 'and went for 41 overall.

Congratulations to Jorge Máñez (7 th) and Juan Malpica (13 º) that have made and are carrerón as motorcycles.

now to continue training for mountain.


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