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Giant Exercise Ball That You Can Walk In

stills absurd Luther: The constancy of the frame oppressive

We have brought in more than one occasion in these pages references both the time and the space issues in a visual narrative.
could not be otherwise, as are the raw materials it contains.

But in many cases, these elements, and perhaps the space no longer act as a trigger for the development of a story that you tell it how , but the feelings one is having to see her architects for both what you feel when you see .
And indeed, there the frame plays a critical role, together with the viewing angle.
A composition, angle shots, an unbalanced situation of the elements of the scene brings an inevitable reading by the viewer watches.
And if that is so much more when the composition or the angle is extended over time. Much more when there is a timely appeal of a particular scene, but repeated over and over again to generate an overall reading about the characters and the story in general.
So why not mark this feel. In this case define a style, a pattern that adheres to the story and it is impossible to separate.

course, that label, this particular stamp to the time frame and organize the plans can be relatively easy in a film.
A director with a particular idea, and it transmits and carried out.
For a series, and here we could talk about the thorny issue of "authorship" - does not seem so easy.
In most-if not all, of the television series directors take turns according to their own needs and each production. It is common in an average season of 13 episodes we are at least five different directors. Therefore
achieve this seal, that unit over time usually comes from the hand of another figure, usually known as the "creator" of the series, whose importance in this and other aspects of the production is evident.

Back to the frames.
Today I wanted to talk about it because I still swarming in my head the distress and discomfort caused me drawings of the television series " Luther", the BBC, starring Idris Elba , the late Stringer Bell series The Wire .

This series, whose first season had six episodes, is a true example of how framing the fact generates a certain way in the viewer a very real sense.
And to show a button.
Look at the first frame, and then see how it will be repeated throughout the episodes.

Indeed, the first thing that strikes us is unbalanced it.
Luther's figure is here in the lower right corner, surrounded by plenty of space to the left and above. A space also largely empty.
can feel how the space affects the main character. What deshubica, the uneasy, and hence we that we observe.

But I insist that what is most striking is that not a single frame, or a scene and moment of the series where the character is particularly confused or uncomfortable. No. The same situation will repeat throughout the film.

Let's see now not just a single frame, but a conversation between Idris Elba's character and played by Ruth Wilson, where the four planes retain that air of misframing, that imbalance, that let the space vacuum is present and overwhelm the circumstances of the protagonists.



Even in the planning of certain scenes, the composition of same results when less shocking.
Thus, a typical shot / reverse where we often see a character in front and one back (and vice versa) is turned into an occupation of that space by the two partners, touching the axis break.


But again the most important thing here is that the exception becomes the rule, and throughout the six episodes of the series, we dive into the story through these frames as oppressive and unbalanced.

Generally we will always see the characters in the bottom of the plane, so that the limited space that the gripping and overwhelming.

is important to note also that this type of composition (common as I said to all chapters and all the time) is even more apparent in the history downtime, rather than in action.
Thus, an alleged conversation "normal" will be marked by this feeling disconcerting and uncomfortable, and much to be considered downtime, will influence a decisive way in the end feel that the series appears.
Thus, phone calls, contemplative moments and conversations in principle irrelevant will be marked by this kind of talk.

not a question of extended further.
Here you can see examples from "a bit random, were too-of what I have.
Different characters-
not affecting how the protagonist in different situations, but a common way of framing, and a single reading that we draw from them: The frame oppressive record.

Although one has to acknowledge that -Apart from the unrest-which remains within me is the desire to see how it is resolved in the beginning of the second, this huge cliffhanger that ended the first season.
will have to wait, there is no other.


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