Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brown Discharge With Kidney Stones


Barcelona finished the marathon, I have my mind set on the ANETO. In these first weeks of preparation I'm noticing that my body is not accustomed to these Tutes mountaineers, as I have pains here and there. The ones I care about now are the sole left (notice all the stones) and the right heel, which decreases in both stomp complain.

From Onil mountain race I've done some workouts for mountain to get used to the body. These "first steps" have nothing to do with the coaches that I expect if I want to be prepared for the Aneto, but as I say are needed to make your body change. A body accustomed the asphalt, the plain, that when a small hill in a race and say it is hard, because that body is now has to adapt to stones, earrings, downs, ups and other ...

My workouts mountaineers from the April 10 race that I have really Onil:

04/16/2011 Nearly 16 km 1h 35 '

498 of slope +

19/04/2011 11.4 km in 1h 5 '

322 meters of altitude +

23/04/2011 11.2 in 1h 10 '

466 meters of altitude +


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