Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's A Partial Brazilian Wax


I woke while she was making coffee, and suddenly, I felt that stupid, that you all have seen.
wore the purple shirt that both he favors, and their newly awakened eyes were turned upside down my heart. In fact I always used to look with open eyes, but this morning left me a hug next to the doorknob, knowing that I cling to him like a straw.
and about that's all you choose is not what defines you, I say that I did not choose to fall in love with her, not even sought, only sped up in the moment I knew that this trip was destiny. I wanted a feeling that filled the soul of life, and guess what I found. I found a passion.
And I guess if I have a shameful passion I wonder what would be experienced if you could feel more passionate about something. Most people long for something so extraordinary, something so stimulating, and risk everything for that desire, something very few would leave everything, to break with everything you think it is therefore very strong and alienating to be with someone so full of life.
Too many ideas, things and people ... too many directions to take, I start to think why it is so important to get passionate about something, is that in this way is carved the world into a more affordable size.
She is the world we want to live forever.

And if Paris is waiting, let us try in the meantime, forget about the clock ...


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