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who else wants to play

The first is to congratulate Real Madrid for his eighteenth Copa del Rey and the next thing to say that Barca played better and perhaps more deserved the win. Have been 120 minutes of intense football on both defended their styles. The club has been able to touch the ball, especially after the break, while Real Madrid has been waiting to get out on the counter. In the end, a goal in the first period of extra time was crucial for the whole White could hold a title three years later.
The game, like Saturday, started very bronco. In the first ten minutes almost all the players left the ground shot down by an opponent not only Undiano Muniz took as soon as the cards. The first arrival of the party was for Real Madrid before he had to intervene Mascherano, very active on the defensive. Barca he'd play but in his own field, without opening holes in the wall of men dressed in white. With the passage of minutes the nerves increased and the occasional bout ended in failure. Other than that, Real Madrid had all the chances to score in the first half, but Pinto and the post saved the clearest.
The rest is not known what would you say Pep theirs but the mentality in the second forty-five minutes was very different. Peter was the first to warn about door Casillas with a shot from the peak area. And you could see the style of play called "Best team ever." Alves and, above all, Messi and began to act up around the white area. The possession was almost 80% for the club but failed to translate it that superiority on the scoreboard. Yet the weather improved the club and, while not up to the marker, Peter could make the first goal of the game. To continue with that sort of victory could be Blaugrana. But opposite was the porter who gave us the World Cup and would have to try to overcome it with more intensity. Casillas pulled them out of all parties and all those who tried. The two had Pedro clearer, with Vaseline, and Iniesta but none had the luck to beat the captain of Real Madrid and Red. Go to extra time played.
half hour of play to decide the Cup champion This may have been the club if the linesman was not mistaken in pointing out where Villa game was going to be alone with Casillas. It was time for the unbelievable, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, would demonstrate that they are made for playing time as needed. The Luso itself could prove and the best way, with a goal in 102 minutes of play. The 7 white was in the optimal site to head a ball hung by Di Maria but Pinto could intervene.
the last fifteen minutes, the Real Madrid defended his victory with nails, teeth and kicks. This time Mourinho did not mind staying with ten in the final if it was going to serve to stay in the club for another year. Messi appeared but this time whether to attend the red lead Peter and Di Maria.
Now we just have to say I am proud to be FC Barcelona, \u200b\u200bwhich within a week playing the first round of the rematch and that Força Barça .

: Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Adriano, Maxwell min. 118 -, Xavi, Busquets, Keita min. 107 -, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa-Afellay min. 105 - and Messi.
CARDS: Yellow to Pedro, Messi and Adriano.
GOALS: 0-1 102 'Cristiano Ronaldo. STADIUM
: Mestalla. 50,000 spectators.
"Now we have to get up." Pep Guardiola.
"We're not empty-handed." Sandro Rosell.
"The one who wanted to play football is Barça." Xavi.
"I'm sure we'll get up." Pique.


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