Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Brief Encounter: the eternal return

Like a phoenix, back from our own ashes.
"Brief Encounter " returns to take account to upload videos, and so better able to show and explain the intricacies of this art impossible so enigmatically mystified that we call cinema.

I could not resist.
I guess I'm too stubborn, and a little inaccessible to despondency. Although more than the first, no doubt.

In any case the promise is double and comes loaded with work, not only because the intention is to show new things, but to get back all the audiovisual material old and unfortunately lost by the cancellation of the previous account .
Because I find it interesting, because I want to keep it that way, and because the videos, which were more than seventy, slash the number that still allows me to address the re-raise.
These will be slowly but surely.

To celebrate, and to say goodbye for this holiday season, "Brief Encounter" wants to show a very special video tomorrow, charged with meaning and significance with regard to the essence of this blog.
is a surprise that I recommend not to miss.

In any case welcome back to the rebirth of " Brief Encounter."
Welcome to this brief encounter is the cinematic experience, welcome to this brief encounter that occurs inside a darkened room, in that brief encounter that is getting carried away and transported to the world of the unattainable.

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity once again to check.
So, till then.


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