Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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It's time to change the chip. After months of asphalt, with good results in a half marathon and marathon, it's time to pull pal mount and change min / km gradient. It's time to enjoy the mountains, nature, new careers and new challenges.

My first objective, after resting, will some little run mountain to go mountain taking shape and sensations. Some of these courses could be Onil of 14 km and the Montcabrer Pujada 21. Always with an eye on "the two sides of Aneto" trail of 69 km to be held on 30 and 31 July and that is my biggest challenge so far in distance and slope.

My short experience in the mountains this challenge makes me take me with great respect, for I have only run two mountain little run 14 km, and a half marathon. A little background for thinking about these challenges, but I think enough.

addition, the fact that some co-Villena have the same goal in mind to motivate me yet Moreover, it is a shared challenge, which like everything else, knows better. Go and hang little things of my coaches and taking little run to go pitch climber.

now I leave you this video of the test so to experience. One pass.


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