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The Good Wife: 1 season, 11 seconds, 4 photographs

usually appear many TV series in this blog supposedly devoted to film.
I know.
justifications I will not elaborate on why, in explanation of the progressive increase in the quality of the latter, or influence the obvious differences are two ways to count.
is not necessary.
appear many series because I see many series, there are many series because they use a common language, the narrative-in a way I find interesting to analyze, often regardless of one's own intrinsic quality of the audiovisual.
I see things I like to comment, the comment .
No more.

Although it is true that we could establish two categories in terms of series (aside from the comedy of 20 minutes and focus exclusively on those between 45 minutes and hour).

The first category, for others the more interesting and more revenue that has occurred in terms of quality-is one in which we are told, linearly, a story that will grow, develop and enlarge with the passage of Chapters .
We could simplify by saying it is a story in 70 deliveries (or falling).
The best known and reputable " The Sopranos, "" The Wire "or" Six Feet Under land "(a perfect trio of HBO) rightfully belong to the history of television.
But expect a lot from the viewer.
They demand loyalty and care, because if you skip some chapters run the risk of losing valuable information in the course of history.
And one, who gives body and soul to them, not willing that happen.

The second category, perhaps less interesting narrative, but it works very well in the television format "is one that repeats the same narrative scheme chapter by chapter.
Although there timelines evolve (especially personal relationships of the characters) you can skip several chapters, or even a season, and incorporated with relative ease to the narrative.
is easy to think " House " or "CSI " among many, but just two millimeter repeat the rundown time of their stories chapter by chapter.

belongs to this second category, although with a continuous thread more important and more weight than it may seem, we find the CBS series "The Good Wife " which is now well advanced in his second season.
tells the story of the return to real life Alice Florrick in a law firm, after the sex scandal and corruption of her husband, county prosecutor, which makes this admission to prison and she has to take over the maintenance and care of their two children.

Today I'm going to stop in their credits, and concise, elegant and effective.
also by how they are able to tell the whole story in just ten seconds, and how they evolve, such as history, as the title character in the first season in the second.

How wonderful to have so much with so little .

titles of the first season, you have here:

A journalistic presentation mode-conditioned by three elements: the flashes, the headlines and picture frame - We will present four photographs, four season images themselves summarize what the story says.

say that the presentation of these four images is always the same. A white flash leads to the display of the photograph, and shortly after it pops up the title, text, while the image becomes darker. Therefore
show two images for each photograph, its genesis and its end.

hands intertwined. On them will appear in the article "the."
represents the marriage. Is the starting point is the beginning. It is the basis on which the story will develop. Shortly
know. Perhaps these flashes we suggest that there is interest in this marriage, public exposure that marriage has.
We will understand soon.

's wife. Appears impressed by the word "wife."
Indeed, marriage stayed with the woman, stayed with the wife.
We will focus on it. The marriage
we will stay with the ups and downs, feelings and reactions of women.
The first thing we see is his attitude: drooping eyes, sadness, uncertainty and perhaps fear. Do not look anywhere, is misplaced.

is actually the same image 2, only remote. See the text "The good wife."
We left the exclusive focus of women, their feelings.
Actually the story is going to treat other women, but mostly out of context.
That context, at this very moment, is uncertain, dark, open.
The story will go deeper into how the wife faces a new situation from the doldrums, but with the need to move forward, to regain strength.

's wife turns and looks at us straight in the eye. The names of the creators of the series.
This is the last image, and the only one that does not appear after the camera flashes.
Here's how the woman takes the only possible attitude, deal with their problems, face their uncertain future.
There's still plenty of mystery and doubt, not get them all, but superimposed on the first impact of depression, the wife looked up and confronts its future.

The first season of this series last 23 chapters.
Clearly, development is long and gives it to go on a case by counting the trials faced by the firm where he works Alicia, but also to see how his character evolves, how it feels increasingly secure in his new position, as increasingly controlling the context that surrounds it, and as rising from the depression first, after her husband's sex scandal.

is especially interesting is why the opening credits of the second season. Because
lasting the same, because having the same pattern, because repeating the first two images (marriage, women's chagrin) that show the third and the fourth completely changes the reading of history, and conforms more to the evolution that has taken the character.

is not the video, but you can follow with pictures perfectly.

IMAGE 3 (second season)
front face of Alicia. It pops up the title "The Good Wife."
Alicia is no longer giving us back and turned, as in the last image of last season.
Alicia is now watching us from the front, with a certain undeniable pride, fullness, satisfaction.
Alicia perceive a strong, confident itself and its destiny.

IMAGE 4 (second season)
Same image 3, but more open. We see the names of the creators of the series.
By opening the field of photography, this last image, not only corroborated the control of the situation that is Alicia but we can also observe a slight smile on his face. Far
is the image of gloom and not be found. Now look at a woman who dominates, who feels strong and safe from everything, yet, you still have to face.

How wonderful to have so much with so little .
is true that the television series just look after their heads especially, and short stories we find a full minute of signifier and signified, but when, as is the case, we face the development of an entire season of a history with all its nuances, with all its edges, in just ten seconds, the thing is to remove his hat.
Tell me yes, Alicia Florrick.


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