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Marathon BARCELONA 2011

last weekend in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bintense as a few from the first moment to last. Good times with family and friends, but I roll it up and go to the race ...

This picture has become typical marathon before

I get up on Sunday at 6:15 for breakfast after sleep, eat breakfast, I lie down for a while, and go to the meeting at 7:30 in the "Magic Fountain" with colleagues I was eager view, because the weekend was spent with family and few friends in Barcelona (thanks Maria and Juan). But well described by a friend Angels, tiraoooos not presented to the photo, so they are lost and ratico charraica to share our nerves. The Pascu, Paco Ubeda, Angelina and I (we mejorcico what each house) talked for a while and go to the cloakroom.

Pascu and Paco Ubeda (above). Angelin, Julio Rey and I (below).

Stunning environment
lived in Barcelona. People everywhere. Thousands of people waiting for the kick-off in a dream, wonderful. Warm. Beautiful city. Today is the day.

Pascual and I headed to our starting box. We showed our dorsal to enter it and ... surprise ... Angels in the front row kept us a site, je je ... Why Uncle! Last nerves and produces the output of the elite two minutes before our own, something I did not like and they do not understand, but good. Plasma immediately!! Gun, air confetti y. .. to run ... 42 km to go and many feelings for life. Precious

output image. I can see glued to the right and slightly behind Pascu.

The output is fast and ahead of the Angelin something before km 1, we spent over 4 'clavaos. It was only because we spent km from there we were nailing km, well, we were nailing the 5000 that was what I was controlling. In the first km Pascual told me to be dropping a bit, which does not rely on that rate, but after I get some miles behind ... "I can not go slow" I said ... palante for nothing. Let the balloon 3 hours and as I say the partial 5km make them perfect:

- 5000: 21'10
- 10000: 21'15
- 15000: 21'15
- 20000: 21'10

We can not be more consistent. Thus in the passage through the half marathon I 1h29'30. If I lose 3 hours I have to fold. I very comfortable so far and I think it's possible. In any marathon he had felt these feelings so that concentration and looking 25. Pass the miles and I still have good legs and breathing well, I'm comfortable and I even go a little ahead of the Glog. Around here know the ADF forero "elatleta" and we salute you. In these miles I see a group of cheering villeneras ... what joy! Thanks girls. The dad also gives me a of advice, but now on account only the forces and head. The 30 km and passing them in the group of 3 hours and I already weigh km, it's amazing how easily passing the first km and costing the past. In these miles and I'm not so fine. Until now I was thinking I still had one more little point, ie if the group was able to follow them clenched. Not anymore, now I will go and take him to balloon to 34-35. Thereafter, I will escape slowly. Anyway I decide not cebarme on the globe and try to hold the pace as much as possible. In the following partial note that I said ... Up to 30 perfectly. 30 to 35 suffering but enduring rhythm. And then on pressing the males.

Photo by the great entertainers on km 28.

- 25000: 21'09
- 30000: 21'17
- 35000: 21'33
- 40000: 23'32

My worst moment was at 38-39-40 km. In addition to physical fatigue, as well as see how the balloon away and I can not follow, as well as psychological fatigue (there are still 4 km and I can !!!). In addition, I begin with threats of cramps in the quadriceps. It does not stop despite a serious hint and soon begin to notice also left hamstring. I think that my wife and children will be waiting at km 41 and I can not fail, tango get there how it is running, and I do, and it'll start to get better and better than the previous mile. I see my friends Juan and Maria, thanks for the encouragement you are the best, with my family. My daughter looks at me with a face of not knowing who I am and what I do there (that's what I've thought I was the odd km) and my son smiles clapping my step. These faces can not forget me in life. See what are a few thousandths of a second but it is recorded. This is already done! I have it! I'll get a great brand and making it better, I will finish a marathon with the best feelings I've ever had. I've never gone so well so far forward, and I've never gone so fast.

Photo by my friend Juan at km 41.5. That's it. Straight

spectacular goal. Raising his arms excitedly, 3h 03 '. When I stop I have the feeling of having given everything he had and I'm satisfied with it. I remain excited. A girl I hung the medal and congratulates me. I keep a few steps ahead and arrest me, I ache all over. I have a feeling that at any moment I will blow up the quadriceps, but that feeling passes and I'm getting. In those moments greet Saul, July wolf "elatleta." What a joy to talk a ratillo after have shared so many comments on the forum. A greeting to all and see you in another.

Throughout the race I was thinking of all those who have sponsored one of "my km solidarity." Surely that also helped to distract me and think of something different to the miles and the pace. Thanks.

As regards villeneros think we did great. I congratulate Ed and Johnny especialmene for his debut. Already marathoners. But I think in many ways the best villeneros was none other than Angelina. In all circumstances the 3:22 mark has a great merit, and I am delighted for him. Congratulations. I knew you had it in the legs.

And now that I've merendao Barcelona, \u200b\u200bmy Cabecico already thinking about another ...


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