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Zero Coke And Diabetes

Andrei Rublev: The film recreated

Watching a movie does not always correspond to a single act.
happens all: Food is not always eat or not eat at least the same way.

Even the sensations that one experiences when viewing a particular film, it happens again if for any reason you decide to see this movie again.
Because ultimately the work of observation is a construction labor, and this comes and takes place only at the time that we are developing.

is the eternal sense of art as communication process: the observer creates work for him observed, and always creates a different way, every time the notes, depending on external factors internal.

So when I talk about a movie I can only refer to a "when I saw " because if tomorrow I decide to see her again, my experience of it will change, but change more or less secure.

And that obviously occurs when a particular movie you've seen on TV and not on the big screen of a cinema.
For better or for worse, usually wins the latter, the information you receive is encoded in different ways (a TV smaller) and external factors (light, noise) make it difficult to concentrate.

This is now being more or less true, until the magic happens.
Movie magic, the magic of creation.
So there is nothing to influence you, because there is nothing to distract you, and not a thousand possible interpretations.
When a film engages you and gets you there will be no way you can loose. You become a puppet in his hands. And there is no noise, no command, or dubbing, or ads that are worth.
Ni TV 14 inch black and white becomes your enemy.

is true that at the present time we can see the home theater in our living room, with sound and picture quality more than acceptable.
It seems strange to think of the amount of film I've seen really very poor conditions, and the times that the quality of images history, the narrative has been imposed on my TV or my little notebook.
And it's not magic but strength.

lot of that, now that I look back, it happened on first viewing I did the film "Andrei Rublev " by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky .

The only real chance then to see a movie like this were either a film library or television.
And my first encounter with her was on the boob tube.
needless to say, but is set at the 2 and, to paraphrase Les Miserables "in its regular schedule of two in the morning.
probably not the best time to get to a movie of 180 minutes, but say that at that time had no choice.
And if I had to use a qualifier to define that vision, there could be other than experience.

For a movie of Tarkovsky always becomes an act demanding. The observer has to put a lot of put-and-on his part to get into that universe.
But in return, if you go-if you can get-the satisfactions are much higher.

The three hours I was off the small screen of your television, in a rented flat in Madrid that morning in winter, were among the most strange and satisfying and demanding that I remember .

remember going slowly entering the slow pace of a story that jumped from places and people, which was diluted to show the crucible of a class society and unfair.
I also remember how I was falling asleep, I remember fighting the eyelids fell, imbued with the fatigue of the week and the pace of the story itself.
But mostly I remember getting over that. Overcoming
me or the film got over.

remember vividly revealing the full, enter the magical world of the painter in the XV century Russia, I remember collecting all the breath and strength to face the final section, a metaphorical construction of the bell that the drag and swallows.
And remember it's over, well into the early hours of this strange weekend, and my eyes were hungry for history and contemplation.

I have never been asleep in a cinema. Curious
The state of concentration and isolation which offers a darkened room, with the public and their synergies focusing just like you ended up avoiding perhaps forever.
front of the television is not so easy, and once I gave up the dream.

But when a movie gets you out of the cliff, when you get out of your own limitations and takes you where she wants, is that their connection to you at that moment transcends beyond all manageable.
And that makes it, in fact, intangible.

why there are movies, or viewings of certain films, which are imposed on all contexts and engulf and phagocytize with an ease that even scary.
And then we talk about movies with capital letters is as all around him.

Andrei Rublev now lives in a corner of my video library.
I do not know what experiences give me the next time I faced it, and I will not know until that happens.
But with earlier precedent, of course, the desires are many.

And I will look naked and let me love ...


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