Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Victoria Rooms on Tuesday thinking about Barça Alusport

Without the eleventh gala, with many rotations, the club has been able to take all three points against Zaragoza in party in which the Catalans have dominated from start to finish. The superiority is shown in each play of the whole FC Barcelona ended in the hands of double or corner. The trident MVP did not match on the pitch almost twenty minutes, but none managed to overcome the barrier that marked the Andalusian goalkeeper. Keita did so twice, the first did not rise to the marker by a non-existent offside.
The first one could have the Zaragoza after a defensive error Piqué Milito but appeared very quickly, Providence, sending the ball for a corner. That was the only time that the club did not have the ball at his feet. After his arrival he began the weekly monologue Barça. The difference is that the distributors of the game have been Mascherano and Xavi and Keita has been playing a little bit ahead. The first clear chance of the match has been Pedro from the front forcing the keeper to stretch. Barca playing and playing trying to open holes in the defense skill, consisting of up to nine players. For a few moments behind visitor was slow, that was the reason why Keita was not offside but the referee saw it. Move after move, Dobler sent the ball to corner. Up to six corner kicks Barca has enjoyed during the first forty-five minutes. Over time, the team enjoyed Guardiola times clearer. Keita could open the scoring with a good goal on the half hour of play but saw a collegiate assistant offside nonexistent. The boat continued to try, looking for the goal of victory. This was the stroke of halftime. Messi leaves three teams near the penalty area, reaches baseline and put it back to Keita, back, check.
After passing through the locker room, the game remained unchanged. Barca continued to dominate near the penalty area and Valdes had just work. Doblas did have work he met Messi, Pedro, Villa, Xavi and Piqué. Yet the second half was a small step. The victory was already in the pocket even if by the minimum and should not push too hard the machinery and that Tuesday is a vital game. There were occasions to mark and thrashing but the goalkeeper made a round of 10.
Apart from the party can point to the box occupied exclusively by women and the ovation was Pep Guardiola as he rose to command the first time in the whole game.

: Valdes Alves, Piqué, Milito, Abidal Maxwell-min. 76 -, Xavi, Mascherano, Keita, Pedro Iniesta min. 86 -, Messi and Bojan-Villa min. -. 66
CARDS: Milito yellow.
GOALS: 1-0 42 'Keita. STADIUM
: Camp Nou. 78,965 spectators.
"We were able to rest some players." Tito Vilanova.
"It is important to us that Guardiola is on the bench." Milito.


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