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This is England: Continuities

is true: The end, in the cinema is inevitable .
But no less true is that when a good story grabs you, when some characters and their adventures you get inside, the viewer finds it difficult to give know what happened to, what happened next.

are more closed end, most open late, but we all know that life goes on.
So either lived happily with or a everything went to hell , we find it hard not to use our imagination to think about what certain people have become, how they could have continued some stories.

Perhaps this is why, perhaps also by the lack of imagination or risk the big producers, which benefits from both sequels.
In most cases you must be aware that these are generated more by a commercial tug that only narrative criteria.

Although it does have to differentiate between a second and continuity .
For me, the second part is another story , with its own tempo, its own rhythm. We
return characters, which may have or not to evolve, but are used almost as an excuse to tell us another film, another adventure.
Often, a second party may be followed or understood even if you have not seen the first.

A no continuity.
A continuum assumes that the film is more like life, and that the stories never end.
Therefore, as in "The Color of Money " retomábamos the character of Eddie Felson, he played pool of "The Hustler " Forty years later, or as in "Before Sunset " we meet again and continue with the story emerged in "Before Sunrise " between Jessie and Celine, you can spend time passes, the characters will be there, and have continued with their lives despite that we could not go along.

And of course, continuity is an important narrative element and very present in the language of film, why, how, how to crimp these two times-the time span we have been vetoed, it is vitally importance.

A great example of this that comment is given in the following that makes the character in the movie " This is England," the young Shaun, in the television series of the same name, " This is England '86 "

At the beginning of the series, set a few years after the film's story, we will recover this time and that child to link with the youth that has now become, and will be the theme of the new stories.

And it's not going to do with more than five levels:

MAP 1:
We have seen before Shaun (the youngest Shaun) inside of a car.
In the foreground are going to analyze what we see out of that car, against the light, and cross a sort of clearing.
is interesting to note how, to slow and to emphasize that over time we will be shown in this walk through of this lonely wilderness will include a transition that will, curiously, slower cadence.

MAP 2:
And the magic begins. We see the small
Shaun alone in a corner.
's raining and he raises his hand to feel in your palm the raindrops.
At one point, with the fixed, our protagonist looks up and stares at the sky.
In this gesture there is a lot of wondering what the future holds, and there is enough also to us as viewers prepare for what we're about to see.

Anyway, have positioned us perfectly: It's Shaun, a boy, alone, it's raining and he let the rain soak.

MAP 3:
We approach Shaun.
see a closeup of how he is looking at the sky, with a look half sad, half expectant.
are many things that have happened (we know if we've seen the movie, if not, you only have to guess) and this delve into how you live closer now.

On the same frame, we see his head down and looks at his hand on which rain falls.

MAP 4:
And this happens.
Without dialogue, only with the aid of music.
see the hand that the young Shaun was looking, but we see-what-you note right away is not the hand of the young Shaun or at least it seems.
is a hand of someone older.

know that something has changed, and will not be anything but time (although most things will be different, we will see shortly)

continues the same plane with a slight but direct camera movement is not going to do but the impression that we endorse.
Indeed, it is Shaun, Shaun's hand, and going up from hand to face we can see how we are now with the character, as a teenager.

When we got to face can think of several things worthy of note, and somehow connect the two spaces, the two times.

On the one hand, the expression of Shaun: We understand that the same sadness, the same uncertainty that had a live Shaun still small in this adolescent.
Or maybe not the case and what actually happens is that in this moment he remembers what he felt then (through space, through the rain), and so the two times are invariably linked.

But a second thing I noticed: You're not alone. People your age around you, and just its final approach at the turn is to look at them (with a final blur included).
This also connects with the past, but to realize that there are things in that time itself have evolved.

MAP 5:
And in that plane, more generally where we see that we are facing the entrance to a school, see how Shaun somewhat distant, joins his teammates and goes inside the building where, indeed, start again this a new story, this new life.

The rain falls, the tiles are the same, but although the scene will inevitably connect the two times that many things have changed since then, and it will be the history, small details, we will make we discover, little by little.


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