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Lovers of the Arctic Circle: Life inside a car

few places as cinematic as the inside of a car.
A bed, no doubt, or a bar, and so on to infinity, but, by their own limitations of space inside a car has always been a good result on the screen.

pass So many conversations there, so many secrets are revealed, many loves faded, many murders committed.
and complete movies like "Night on Earth " by Jim Jarmusch , take place almost entirely in inetrior.
Not to mention the road movies, or the famous optical illusions or false projections of landscapes, from the films of the fifties and sixties.

There was always a car.
And the cars we were reeling in an inexorable shift over time.

Maybe that's why I draw the attention and I liked this part of the movie " lovers Polar Circle, which led Julio Medem in 1998.
Because in a small space can tell us is, define and develop the story of four characters, each with its peculiarities, its nuances, its own experiences, and how the passage of time will make their own lives, and they have in common.
always a simple way as one would a brush stroke.
always a natural way, leaving all marked by a matter of space, and its distribution on the screen.

Time passes, the spaces vary, and the characters change.
We see:

MAP 1:
In the foreground is presented to two of the protagonists (the main, moreover, that over time they will become lovers of the very title of the tape), Otto and Anna children

As a prelude to know the history say that Otto is the son of the car driver (which is separated from his wife) and Ana's mother is the co-pilot is (we know who lost her husband not long ago).
Both are starting a relationship, although their children do not take too well.

first thing to note is available in space. Sitting together, but each in a corner, staring and some ignoring the other way.

MAP 2:
This background helps us to finally put the four characters in the story. In this case we see driving Otto's father and next to Anna's mother are both back, and also that they can see the car, which resembles a two-horse classic, shabby and small.

At one point the plane, Ana's mother turns and goes to Otto, telling him: "Your father now has a better job , which will be the thread that allows us to start step sequence time.

MAP 3:
we see the reverse shot of Ana and Otto, in the same aloofness.

MAP 4:
At this time we will start a series of travel wipes, that will affect precisely the idea of \u200b\u200bthe passage of time.
Here we can see how to replace the image of the couple in the old car by themselves, but in a larger car.
With only the help of the previous dialogue, we can understand well that happened some time-not much, and that better job of speaking before Ana's mother has brought a new car purchase.
Another change that we see is the physical queue as Otto's father and a more dowdy costumes have given way to a general attitude a little more serious.
is interesting to note also how the plane ended with the two looking at each other, and that will connect seamlessly to the next level.

MAP 5:
Indeed, the apparent reverse shot, we see that the provision of Otto and Anna has changed.
Both are looking at now.
may not be a look of love, like that of their parents, but of curiosity mixed with apprehension.
In any case, we realize that time has not only changed but also the attitude of the characters together.

MAP 6:
In that plane we will see another major temporary change, and inevitably linked to that just described.
With another shift curtain, slowly, we can observe how the woman disappears from the passenger position and actually going to put herself in the driver's seat.
To confirm the situation, he says, without turning: " Your father could not come, has much work " which in a way we had been confirmed and clear images.

And so, would link directly with a much more abrupt time shift (in every sense) already analyzed this entry, and take us to the teenage protagonists of the two children.

But I still find amazing how in such a small space with so many limitations, we can express and define characters so well, the relationship between them, and how they evolve through the passage of time and changes This, inevitably, is producing.

And, of course, all the rest is cinema.


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