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2 CHALLENGES by teams "Promises Vilhena"

morning we spent today. I would like to thank all who have been, participating, collaborating, encouraging or just having lunch, because that is what it is. The idea is to have a reason to get together, play sports and have fun.

I think we have enough competitions throughout the year, and the idea of \u200b\u200bthe challenge (despite the name) is to further enhance the values \u200b\u200bof participation or group work, although it is inevitable that little competitive edge we all have within . I congratulate

to all computers, without highlighting any of them, because each of them has contributed something to this nice morning. Teams that participated today in the challenge are as follows:

THE LONG: One of the two teams that has been repeated all components of the 1 st edition. An honor to have you in the challenge. A curiosity about the long: have completed the same number of laps last year exactly the same, 81.

Supergirls: Nivelazo female team, and also the most consistent player this year as returns have completed 19 each 30 ': A 30' had 19, at 60 'had 38, 90' had 57 and final 76. They have gone like clockwork.

DISABLED: New dads team of future champions. A pleasure to meet you, but I could not spend too much time with them. Finally 75 laps for them.

TEMPRANILLOS A: Second team repeated its components last year, but this year are much stronger. 84 laps last year and this year 88, almost na.

TEMPRANILLOS B: My computer. Lali highlight as signing deals. Thanks for wanting to run with us. And thank Eduardo Piti and I know who have made an effort to run today, for different reasons. Finally we did 82 laps, and we have planted the foundations for from the next issue all the teams are mixed.

COYOTES: Another new team, making war to end. Nor have I been able to talk much with them, but they looked happy with the experience. Pueta know that the club are open. Have 78 turns.

THE TURBO DIESEL: It has given me great joy to see so many women's teams, 3 more than last year. But especially to some of you who know the effort involved in this type of testing. Thanks. Have completed 60 laps.

THE FLYING: New faces and some not so new to form another mixed teams and have "high" as the name implies. 74 laps. THE

Suffering: Another mixed teams. I think the fun has overtaken suffering in this team that has completed 65 laps.

THE Zumbao: Team of great athletes and great people who have completed 83 laps. LUNA

SECTION A: great team that formed the moon section this year. Invincible, as they say in athletic parlance "carried away the end." Finally 91 laps.

FUTURE ELITE: Without doubt the surprise team who have made things very difficult to Section moon. Not as future champions. 89 laps.

THE Chikis: they have put the joy and freshness in the turns have been given. To some it has lowered the morale when you have seen these little one ahead when going to the language of out, hehe ... how good. We lacked

SECTION ALICANTE, with which we have for next year.

I can not appoint judges who have recorded all these turns. Thank you because without their help this event would be impossible. I also thank the collaboration of all: those who have helped with the clock, turns, the megaphone, drinking, ... page and has served again as a means of main comunicadión to organize this challenge.

For the more competitive, or curious, the classification has been as follows:

3: Tempranillo (88)
4: THE Zumbao (83)
6: The Long (81)
7: COYOTES (78)
8: Supergirls (76 )
9: DISABLED (75)
10: THE FLYING (74)
11: THE Suffering (65)

The summary of this morning we can do with numbers over 50 people running, many encouraging and helpful, and 65 people having lunch. This is it. Looking

last year's ranking highlight some interesting facts:

- The team with the most laps last year was the TEMPRANILLOS A with 86 laps, 5 less than this year LUNA SECTION A.
- The top three teams this year have surpassed last year's fastest (91.89 and 88 for 86 laps of the first last year)
- The 6 th last year's team (84 laps) topped the 4 th of this years (83)
- The Long asked the same round last year that 81, being 8 th last year and 6 ° East.
- Equality was much higher last year, going up to 6 teams only 2 laps behind the first.
- female and mixed teams have enriched this year's challenge.
- Next year ...


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