Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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Nolito return

It's unfortunate that the club B can not go up but in the Second Division hardly any teams that can win the subsidiary culé if Luis Enrique has the ball at his feet. Yesterday have returned to give another lesson to play football beating people to Tenerife, former first team with half a foot in Segunda B. In addition we have witnessed the return of Nolita, which concluded with three goals.
Barca began to dominate the match but without creating a significant hazard. Playing in three quarters of court and went looking for holes more than twenty minutes. Earlier, Tenerife may have made some goal on the counter but Oier has been great under the sticks. The first of Edu Oriol Barca had started shortly after the crash and he would be who would open the scoring in the 22 minutes. The Barca game was beginning to be the best, which we are accustomed. The ten outfield players played and touched the ball just before halftime and ended up reaching the second goal. Bartra Jugadón incredible to just leaving Messi on the penalty spot for Nolito only have to push for a goal.
After the break, Luis Enrique decided to take a change of scenery to match ushering in Ilie. Began to play his first touch and could hardly enjoy the canaries of the ball, just play the opposite, seeking to convict the third party completely. The minutes passed and no one managed to cut away the light nor the other otherwise. Tenerife but were reduced to ten and that was what I needed the culé subsidiary. Nolito two goals one after the other completely shut down a party that ended with a local goal.

: Oier, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Abraham; Fontás , Dos Santos, Sergio Roberto Ilie min. 46 -; Edu Oriol-Tello min. 71 -, Soriano-Benja min. 53 - and Nolito.
CARDS: Yellow to Fontás.
GOALS: 0-1 22 'Edu Oriol, 0-2 41' Nolito, 0-3 79 'Nolito, 0-4 81' Nolito, 1-4 86 'Nino.
STADIUM: Heliodoro Rodríguez López. 17,587 spectators.


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