Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Three points are worth half

Partidazo. We expected a very exciting and matched clash at the Mestalla in which either team could win the game. A very serious minded Valencia party should do, went for it and endured more than anyone making a game worth seeing. Finally, after a few major bugs, Messi scored the goal which turns League Barça.
had to return to a stadium complex for as long as the rival Guardiola was the Valencia, two draws against the team che, against a team that historically has been much war in Mestalla. Last night was no different. The home team has come out with the intention to snatch the ball to Barcelona, \u200b\u200bwhile Messi touched the ball and the head start they could spring a surprise. For half an hour, all che had the ball, just let him play at Barca and enjoyed good chances. But failed to stop Messi when he took the ball. Before he was ten minutes, Argentina had a triple occasion, which does not usually fail, thwarted by Guaita. Adriano could also surprise, very active in the band, but the Valencia goalkeeper has had one of the best nights of his career. But if someone could make that yesterday was Leo. But it is not usually failed to fail ever. After half an hour, when Valencia was beginning to run out, a failure of the defense che led one of the best opportunities in the meeting. Messi is left alone to Guaita and itching to try out the goalkeeper with the bad luck that the ball is going high. For his part, Villa has been very well covered throughout the meeting and has not have done much to highlight.
The second time would be decisive. Initial results after the first three quarters of an hour and would have to enter to win. A goal would give the victory to one of the two teams but to see who had the quality to beat any of the two porterazos. Valencia enjoyed very good opportunities to open the scoring but they came to a spectacular Pinto. By Barça, who had on his boots the clearer goal has sometimes been Leo. When catching the ball, the local defense shaking. Was still a great game and matching the result would be very difficult. Anyone could win but you could keep the original marker. And exceeding half hour of the second part, Iniesta opened the field leaving it to Adriano, the Brazilian was a defender and was left behind Messi had to push. Guaita could prevent the goal but failed to give the ball to prevent it. He played fiercely defend. The victory was already achieved and failure could condemn the club. But Valencia had no strength to do anything else. It was time to defend and try something on the counter. Finally, the gatekeepers, exhausted, have had no work and have seen the fans of Valencia has been 10 with a spectacular ovation Iniesta.

ALIGNMENT: Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Adriano, Maxwell min. 82 -, Xavi, Busquets, Mascherano, Pedro min. 62 -, Villa, Messi and Iniesta-Keita min. -. 86
CARDS: Yellow to Messi and Busquets.
GOALS: 0-1 76 'Messi. STADIUM
: Mestalla. 50,800 spectators.
"We had to risk a bit more in attack." Tito Vilanova.
"People love gives me a lot." Villa.
"This is not over yet." Adriano.


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